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VoIP - My Test Lab for Freeware

Software based PBX test lab running on VMware environment

James Ahn

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of VoIP - My Test Lab for Freeware

ESXi Server
Wireless Router
Soft based PBX ‘3CX’ is free up to 3 active calls
All of 3CX soft Phones are free for PC and smart phones
Skype needs credits and online number service for both of outbound and inbound calls
ESXi server utilize 10~20 % for CPU
ESXi server used 9.2 GB RAM for 5 VMs
BackTrack and Vyatta can be helpful for advanced tests for QoS, IDS, Firewall and more
As a reference for your own VoIP test lab.
Preparation of Hardware
Test Environment
Test Scenarios
Test Results
James Ahn
VoIP Test for Software based PBX
James Ahn
Outbound calls need some Skype credit. (from local phone to a mobile)
Inbound calls need Oneline Number service of Skype (including FAX)
Test Results
VMware ESXi Server
CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1230 (3.2 GHz, Quad Core)
RAM : Samsung 16 GB (PC3-10600R, ECC)
Server Board : Intel S1200KP (LGA1155/DDR3)
SSD : Extreme SATA III SSD (120 GB)
HDD : Samsung 7200 rpm (300 GB)
CPU : Intel i7-3612QM (2.10 GHz)
RAM : 8 GB
SmartPhone/Pad (iPhone 4s/iPad1)
Wireless Router (Linksys E1200)
Preparation of Hardware
Thank you.
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