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The Arab Israeli Conflict

No description

Jason Oosting

on 11 June 2018

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Transcript of The Arab Israeli Conflict


Armed struggle to “liquidate the Zionist presence in Palestine”
Palestinian Sunni group (offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood)
Founded during First Intifada (1987 - 1990 people’s uprising vs. Israel) 
Wants an Islamic state in Israel
Initially supported by Israelis b/c it split up the PLO (secular vs. religious wings)
2008 Hamas-Israeli War
Hamas gaining political power in Gaza Strip and West Bank
So why is the US so invested in Israel?
What do we know?
Do we know the difference between Sunni and Shia?
Formation of Israel
Ancient home of the Hebrew peoples (Jews)
Palestinians had lived on the land for centuries
British mandate after WWI
Desire to create a new homeland for the Jews
Yom Kippur War (1973)
Egypt and Syria vs. Israel
Arabs surprise Israel with sneak attack
Israel fights back with U.S. help (weapons)
Arabs declare it a victory but…
Jews continue to hold all territory from 1967
Oil Embargo
Camp David Accords
Signed in 1979
1993 Oslo Accords
Israel would withdraw all troops from Gaza Strip and West Bank in 1996
“Party of God”
Shia organization
Sponsored by Iran
Created during Lebanon-Israel War
About the size of NJ (8.7 million)
5.7 million Jews
1.6 million Arabs (Palestinians)
After Holocaust, UN creates Israel
Arab State
Jewish State
Neutral Zone
US becomes first country to recognize Israel
Wipes out some power of PLO (not the leaders though)
Establish Islamic fundamentalist gov’t
Oppose Israel occupation
2006- Hezbollah-Israel War
Hezbollah strengthened by conflict
“Islamic Resistance Movement”
What do the Palestinians want?
Palestinian state
Pre 1967 borders
Right of return
Solutions for refugees

What do the Israelis want?
Do we know the difference between the terms Arabs, Persians, and Muslims?
Shia – religious leaders chosen by heredity
Sunni – religious leaders chosen by election
Egypt, Syria and Jordan vs. Israel
Israel wins
Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism (Nasser’s model had failed)
US becomes chief weapons supplier of Israel
Israel gains:
1) West Bank
2) Gaza Strip
3) Jerusalem
4) Sinai
5) Golan Heights

1948 War between Arabs and Israelis
Israelis win
Most Palestinian refugees go to the Gaza Strip (controlled by Egypt) and the West Bank (Jordan)
Peace b/w Egypt and Israel
1. Want a Jewish state - What do you do with the Arabs?
2. Want to be a democracy - How can you have a true democracy when not everyone is equal?
3. Religious sites sacred to both Jews and Muslims
Yasser Arafat
Palestinian Liberation Organization
Conflict from 1982-1990 (w/Hezbollah in 2006)
Israel invades Lebanon to get rid of PLO (PLO had been launching terrorist attacks from southern Lebanon)
Soon American troops became victims of terrorism in Lebanon
US stops Israeli bombing of Lebanon, stations troops in Beirut
Conflict Begins
Secular (not religious)
Palestinians needed to do something after Arab states didn’t rescue them after 1967
After Six Day War- Arafat combines two sections into one new organization
1981 - Sadat assassinated b/c of modernization and peace with Israel
Carter facilitated accords
Begin (Israel) and Sadat (Egypt)
Egypt recognizes Israel, Israel returns Sinai to Egypt
But deal falls through after PLO terrorism and assassination of Rabin
PLO recognizes Israel, renounces terrorism
Clinton facilitates
Yitzhak Rabin (Israel) and Arafat (PLO)
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