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Making Food Fresher

No description

Chris Kirby

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Making Food Fresher

Started in A Summer Camp Kitchen
Retail Partners
SQF Level III Plant
Custom Pack Sizes Available
Cold Pressed Citrus, Blending, Emulsifying
High Speed Cryo-Vac Packing Line
Product Capabilities
Cold Pressed Citrus Juices
Pay for Quality, Not Packaging
60% Reduction in Packaging Cost
90% Reduction in Waste Stream
Disrupts Microbial Activity of Harmful Bacteria
Maintains Fresh Flavors Throughout Product Life
Extends Shelf Life by 3X-5X
Why Does Ithaca Taste Better?
Cold Whipped Chickpeas
Fresh, Premium Ingredients
Pressure, Not Heat
We Never Cook
Our Fresh Ingredients!
Key Benefits
Highest food safety available
Best quality product
Fresh, never cooked ingredients
Custom pack sizes
Reduced waste stream
Reduced yield loss
90 - 120 day shelf life
No preservatives or heat pasteurization
Us vs. Them
High Pressure (cold) Pasteurization
Thermal Heat (cooked) Pasteurization
protects fresher flavor, lighter texture
zapps fresh flavor, thick/overcooked texture
No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients
Use Preservatives to "maintain freshness"
Post-Packaging "Kill Step"
Pre-Packaging "Kill Step"
clean label
dirty label
product is hermetically sealed in packaging
product is packaged after kill step
Premium Fresh Ingredients (never cooked)
Fresh Lemon Juice, Raw Garlic, Organic Sunflower
Concentrated Flavorings & Ingredients
Lemon Concentrate, Garlic Puree/Powder, Canola Oil
Sustainable Packaging
Traditional (wasteful) Packaging
Lightweight Plastic Pouch
Plastic Pails & Tubs
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
Eliminates Listeria & Salmonella
Extends Shelf Life (90-120 Days)
Consistent Quality Throughout Shelf-life
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