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PT 539 Presentation

No description

Kristen Gollnick

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of PT 539 Presentation

DOs Prezi A cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas Why Use Prezi Instead of Powerpoint? - Provides a change from slide after slide containing too much information in quick, disjointed succession.

- Zooming canvas allows for active learning that is understandable, memorable, and fun.

- Better connection between data, charts, and diagrams.

- Links between lessons becomes obvious. “Prezi truly embodies what creativity is about: changing your perspective, connecting and combining ideas, thinking in non-linear ways, and creating in collaboration with others.”

— Leticia B Cavagnaro, Stanford University .
Powerpoint Format OR....We can Use Prezi 1. Blood First enters the Right Atrium.
2. Flows through AV Valve to the Right Ventricle.
3. Flows through the Semilunar Valve to the Pulmonary Artery.
4. After being oxygenated in the lungs, blood flows through Pulmonary Vein to the Left Atrium.
5. Blood then moves through the Mitral Valve to the Left Ventricle.
6. Last, it is pumped through the Aorta into systemic circulation. 1. Blood Flows from Superior and Inferior Vena Cava into the Right Atrium. 2. Blood flows from Right Atrium to Right Ventricle through AV Valve. 3. Blood Flows from Right Ventricle through the Semilunar Valve to the Pulmonary Artery. From the lungs, the blood flows through the Pulmonary Vein to the Left Atrium. From the Right Atrium blood flows through the Mitral Valve to the Left Ventricle. Last, blood flows from left ventricle through the aorta to the systemic circulation. or you can make it educational... EMBED VIDEOS
Link it once…and it’s there! Online Video Example: Compliance Curves - Can be hidden
Great for images and zooming
- Interactive hotspots
Anything framed can be clicked
by the viewer or by the presenter if it’s live Use Frames Never even leave Prezi
Online images, desktop, photos, and more Adding Images: Prezi allows: easy viewing of visuals
in eye-catching formats!
Perfect for the visual learner Visuals Ability to focus and zoom
in and zoom out.

Align pictures and frames Zooming and Aligning What is Dr. Bill Pointing at? An Oblique Lumbar Plain Film! Scotty Dogs! Embed video files: Objectives 1. Understand the basics of Prezi (C1)
2. Identify key features of Prezi (C1)
3. Evaluate key differences between
PowerPoint and Prezi (C6)
4. Know the steps to add visuals to a prezi (C1)
5. Comprehend the "Do's and Don'ts" of Prezi (C2)
6. Be aware of the challenges with Prezi (C1) Collaborate Features Vary
Based on License View Remotely Work Online
or Offline Invite others to join your presentation from anywhere around the world Prezi Desktop can be used to create, store, or edit prezis where ever you are Can use an app for apple products to create and share prezis Public: Free
Enjoy: $5 per month
Pro: $13 per month Getting Started with Prezi Additional Resources Prezi Learn
Support forum
Webinars Challenges Nauseating
Learning Curve
Time Consuming
Editing restrictions
Print Outs PREZI
Non Linear Navigation
Map Layout
Web Based
limited printing options POWERPOINT
Linear Navigation
Slide Stack Layout
Computer Based
Many Printing options Prezi Vs. Powerpoint Non-Linear Format Already Have a Powerpoint Made? It's easy to take your pre-existing Powerpoint and turn it into a prezi. Difficult to make a good Prezi on the fly...first jot down on a piece of paper what you want on it and come up with the MASTERPLAN so your presentation does spiral out of control...LITERALLY!

Comparable to building a house... Choose your theme early- Keep all the titles the same, use the same color for text and titles, etc. This creates better
C O N T I N U I T Y No, not this house... Position material sympathetically! Prezi can (and will) make you feel sea sick if you do not plot a sensible path between bubbles.

A few ways to ensure your audience will feel sick...

1) Make random changes in the perspective-flip 180 degrees
2) Move rapidly between elements
3) Oscillate wildly around the canvas Understand the scale in Prezi-When you zoom in smaller image becomes grainy. SHOW SOME RESTRAINT

Follow the 80/20 Rule

80 % attractive and sensible
20% dazzling and amazing https://prezi.com 1. Choosing a template
2. Navigating a canvas
3. Adding a frame
4. Using the zebra Key Features of Prezi Go Mobile Create, edit, and share your prezi with up to 10 others Demo: Gina Craig, Kelsey Figg, Kristen Gollnick, Christa Wille For Example Questions? And why not...
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