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Nous allons faire un jeu

French II

Magdalena Mendez

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Nous allons faire un jeu

Magdalena Mendez
Erika Barrack
Lizzie Terlep
Crighton Scott
Miguel Gamez Nous allons faire un jeu I have to make chicken. Translate this sentence. French II per. 6 What does faire mean?
A: To be
B: To see
C: To do The correct answer is
C: To Do What are the conjugated forms of faire??? The correct forms are: Je Fais, Tu Fais, il/elle Fait, Nous Faissons, Vous Faitez, Ils/Elles font Fill in the blank.
Nous _____ jouer au football. The answer is:
Faissons Je- Tu- Il-
Nous- Vous- Ils- a)Faites
d)Font True or False?
The correct form for Vous is Faissons? False. The correct word is Faites Complete the sentence.

Tex et Emile aime _____ du ski. Answer: Font The correct Sentence is.. A: Je fais au basketball.
B: Tu faissons au football.
C: Nous fait jouer au tennis The correct answer is: A On Monday I like to play american football. Translate the sentence... Le lundi j'aime jouer au football amercain. Name the following conjugation. Faissons The Answer is Nous Is the following sentence correct? Ils fais lacrosse. No. The answer is: Ils font lacrosse. Translate the following sentence. J'ai fait poulet. You make the fish on Tuesday. Tu fait possion le mardi. Which conjugation is this? avons fait The conjugation is nous What conjugation best fits the sentence? Vous aime _____ nager. The correct word is: faire True or false.
The following conjugation is Ils/Elles. Faites The answer is..... false Translate this sentence Do you like to make cake? Tu fais gâteau Which is a perfect verb? A: J'ai fait
B: fais Tu fait poisson le mardi The answer is A! He likes to make toys. Translate this Il faissons jouets We love to make up stories Translate the following sentence Nous faissons histories What is this conjugation? avez fait This conjugation is vous Which of these is the correct conjugation of faire? A: Etes
B: Vas
C: Font The answer is C The end!!
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