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All About Anne Hutchinson

No description

sowmya Joshi

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of All About Anne Hutchinson

her life story
Anne Hutchinson
Anne Hutchinson was born on July 20, 1597 in Alford England.When she was growing up she questioned religious teachings of her father.

In 1638, Anne Hutchinson was expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony. She got expelled because she started to disagree with the Puritan leader. She wanted religious beliefs and freedom. The leaders thought that it was wrong for a woman to talk back to a man and disagree so they expelled her and family.
After being expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Anne Hutchinson and her family settled some where near Providence which is now Rhode Island. There she founded Town of Portsmouth.
A New Start
Anne Hutchinson had 3 daughters and one son.She was married to William Hutchinson. Her father was Francis Marbury and her mother was Bridget Dryden
The End
So there, now you know the life of the woman who got expelled...Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson
died because of a raid
of indians

By:Sowmya Joshi
Sowmya Joshi
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