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Andrew Dennis Biersack or Andy Sixx

Andy Sixx <3

Dakota Helms

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Andrew Dennis Biersack or Andy Sixx

Andy Sixx Vlog#1 Vlog#2 Andy Six was born on December 26th 1991 in Milwaukee Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati Ohio at a young age.He is 6'2 with blue eyes.Andy's father was in a punk band called "The Edge"."The Edge" toured with bands such as "the Misfits" and "Stiff Little Fingers".From a young age Andy watched his father play and learned everything he possibly could.Growing up Andy played hockey and was ranked as a junior olympian.In the 8th grade he started his own band called "Biersack".While in "Biersack" Andy would make cds and hand them out at school to every person he knew.In 2005,Andy moved to Burbank California and began an acting career in t.v comercials[AT and T, Montana Meth, etc] as well as print modeling.One year later Andy moved back to Cincinnati to start "Black Veil Brides".He has several tattoos such as a 13 inch tattoo of "Azreal Batman",Andy's favorite comic book character as a child.On his left arm he has an alkaline trio heart with his girlfriend's initials on the teeth.Andy also has a funeral presession flower,a bleeding misfits skull and a danzig skull.Andy does smoke.Andy went to "School for Creative and Performing Arts" for his high school education and majored in Drama and Vocal music.He has always cut his own hair.Before shows Andy likes to hang out with the fans,sign and take pictures with them after everyshow for about 20 mins. after the show.

Andy Sixx Info
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