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MFST inroduction 2015

No description

Batbayar Tudevvanchig

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of MFST inroduction 2015

Receive and process budget projects.
Receive proposals of budget schedule.
Pay liabilities and compensate receivable.
Allocate funds into sector institutions.
Open account for expenditures.
Receive monthly budget execution data, integrate and report.
Execute research work expenditure and control budget.
Receive sector institutions financial statement, control and aggregate.
Receive the consolidated financial statements and review.
Make an agreement of research and development work, allocate capital expenditures, finance and monitor expenditures.
Receive the financial statement of research and development tasks. examine the result, and figure out next issue of financial solution.
Financial Management Division
Project Monitoring division
Developing science park
general plan division
Intellectual Property and Information division
Register scientists’ thesis and R&D work;
Develop intellectual property databases of scientists’ work;
Receive completed original thesis, R&D work reports and commit to preserve information;
Publicize scientific achievement of scientists;
Serve society by the books, scientific research work, and information databases;
Improve and develop sector collaboration;
Develop the Master plan of the Science Park, requirements to build Science Park and drafting the relevant documents.
Research on the human resource, human resource policies, train and prepare the human resource for the Science Park.
Research on requirements and basis to build Science Park in Universities Campus town and define its development direction, management structure and investment policies.
Provide the environment to cooperate with industrial parks and technology parks.
Conduct joint research works with foreign professional institutions, get a consultation and share the experience of foreign Science Parks.
In preparation frame work of building the Science Park: initiate to build the laboratory, incubator and exchanging the technology with foreign experienced country.
Support the implementation of joint project of foreign and domestic scientists.
- Science and Technology Law /2006.12.28/
- Government special fund law /2006.06.29/
- Patent law / 2006-01-19 /
- Copyright and related rights law / 2006-01-19 /
- Education Law / 2002-05-03 /
- Technology Transfer Act / 1998-05-07 /
- Law on the legal status of the academy of sciences / 1996-05-23 /
- Innovation law
- Law on approving the list of core technology and priorities of science and technology sector / 2010-07-07, № 173 /
- Mongolian national innovation system development program 2008-2015 / 2007-11-28, №306 /
- National program on development of Mongolian national science and technology / 2000-12-27, №202 /
- Rules of Mongolian foundation for science and technology / 2008-07-18, № 379 /
- Science and Technology Master Plan 2007-2020 / 2007 /
- MFST rules on resource allocation and distribution /METS 2006.04.14, №115 /
- Rules on implementation of science and technology project 2014-09-18, № 301 /
Thank you
1. Introduction
Vision, Mission, Major function, Main Activities, Brief history Rules and regulation, Organization structure, Activities of each division, Coordination of divisions
2. Research and Development Activities
Sectoral structure of MES, Selection and implementation process of R&D work, statistic information
3. International collaboration
4. Science and technology sector awards,
5. Achievements and Grants of science and technology
6. Conference, Seminar, Exhibition
7. Commercializing the scientific research results
Serving science and accumulating
fund for optimal financing, effective monitoring, and useful results.

1. Raise and allocate funds;
2. Monitor expenditures and aggregate report;
3. Medium-term and short-term planning;
4. Control projects budget, finance, make an agreement;
5. Create consolidated financial report and balance sheet;
6. Implement capital registration and internal control
7. Pay liabilities
8. Monitor implementation process of projects and evaluate the results;
9. Generalize the use of projects results into manufacturing and service
10. Conduct scientific conference, seminar and exhibition;
11. Receive results of scientific research and give country code and number;
12. Build a intellectual foundation and save research report and invention information in electronic data storage;
13. Build Mongolian scientists’ information fund;
14. Serve public by Intellectual electronic funds;
15. Commit to preserve result of research work;
16. Develop the Master plan of the Science Park and research on requirements and basis to build Science Park;

Making contribution to Mongolian
science and technology development through optimal allocation of funding, effective management of research projects and accumulating the financial sources that spent on research and development.

Fundraise for necessity to conduct research and development activities
Monitor expenditures
Aggregate report
Analyze and evaluate project progress and its result
Commit to preserve information and project reports
Monitor and analyze R&D work process and contracts.
Update R&D work information on the web site and provide regular data.
Do science sector and institution necessary research works and provide information.
Conduct required research of sectors, organizations and provide information
Provide information and conduct seminars for participation improvement of local scientists who work on similar research field.
Expand cooperation between domestic and foreign scientific organizations and universities.
Fundraise from the sources of foreign and domestic; explore the opportunities
Connect scientists research worker with institutions, generalize use of new invention into market and promote research work result.
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