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The career of my dreams would be an OLYMPIAN

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Keera Melenhorst

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The career of my dreams would be an OLYMPIAN

The career of my dreams is to be an OLYMPIAN
The skills needed to perform this career.
The level of education needed to perform this career.
1. An advanced understanding of the game and the rules.
2. Getting good grades in high school and having good soccer skills provides opportunities to get a scholarship.
Where I would want to work and why?
Why I chose this career...
Christine Sinclair and Diana Matheson inspired me after watching them compete in the 2012 Olympic games.

1. Highly developed soccer skills.
2. Elite level of physical fitness.
3. Mental toughness.
4. A positive attitude.
Ideally as a representative of my country competing internationally.
Alternatively playing in the professional leagues in Europe.
Representing my country would give me much pride and be a very meaningful experience. Travelling and playing with and against the best soccer players in the world would be the ultimate accomplishment.
I chose this career because...
1. I would represent my country.
2. Also I would travel to cool places like Brazil and Europe to perform the sport I love.
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