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Chapter 4.4 - Collect Supporting Materials

No description

Elsa Garcia

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 4.4 - Collect Supporting Materials

The Elements of Public Speaking
Chapter 4.4 - Collect Supporting Materials
Prof. Elsa García
The Steps in Public Speaking Preparation and Delivery
Step 4:
Supporting Materials
Expert witness testimony
Eyewitness testimony
Numerical Data
Raw numbers - figures unmodified by mathematical operation.
Statistics - complex set of numbers.
Mean, the mode, the median.
Presentation Aids
A visual or auditory means for clarifying ideas.
Help you gain attention and maintain interest.
Add clarity.
Reinforce your message.
Contribute to credibility and confidence.
Examples, Illustrations, and Narratives
Stress relevancy.
Real vs. hypothetical.
Figurative analogies
Literal analogies
Specific examples
Using Numerical Data
Make clear
Make meaningful
Make explicit
Connect with point
Use in moderation
Reinforce visually
Types of Presentation Aids
The object
Word charts
Photograph and illustrations
Using Presentation Aids
Know your aids intimately.
Rehearse your speech using aids.
Integrate presentation aids into your speech seamlessly.
Avoid talking to your aid.
Use aid only when relevant.
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