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Child Labor in Somalia

Kinda really important

Jordan Loria

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Child Labor in Somalia

The Issue
A Better Solution
Presentation of Learning
What's already been tried?
Agricultural work (caring for livestock, production of fruits)
Street work (washing cars, selling cigarettes)
Construction work (breaking rocks for gravel in quarries/cities)
Child Labor in

by: Jordan Loria
When "Child Labor" reaches ABUSE
So what's the big deal?
What happened to make it like this?
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Oakton's Sophomore Learning Goals and Habits of Mind have helped me complete this project due to how they have taught me lessons on becoming a more responsible and efficient student, which has helped me take ownership of the process of completing this project. I have used the Sophomore Learning Goals of:
conducting ethical research using scholarly sources
acquiring and employing new vocabulary to understand core texts
using correct grammar and mechanics

In Somalia, a country in western Africa, there is an abundance of child labor. Close to 40% of children who are younger than 15 work in Somalia. Children work because they are forced to, either to support their family or because it is their only chance of survival. Very few children in Somalia are able to go to school, because it is not free, and most children need to stay and raise money for their families. 60% of Somalis live below the poverty line, meaning they make less than 2 dollars per day.
Types of Child Labor
Child Soldiers (kidnapped from homes or schools, most likely by an Islamist militant group, Al-Shabaab, forced to be child soldiers)
Arranged Marriages (most young women marry before the age of 18)
Slavery (most children will work and receive little or no pay, sexual exploitation is also not uncommon)
There was a collapse in government after President Bare ended his term in 1991. Currently, Somalia is governed by three different entities: the Republic of Somaliland, the region of Puntland, and the Transitional Federal Government, or TFG, in Mogadishu.
The country has been stricken with war and terrorism for a few decades. There is an entire generation of people who received little or no education due to the many years of fighting.
The TFG established a focal point for Human Rights and Child Protection, and it is supposed to be treated with utmost importance. The TFG has signed an anti-recruitment pledge to end child recruitment, but Somalia does not have a policy or plan to address child labor and how to put an stop to it. Nothing has been set or published by the other two government entities, even though all three are considered responsible for Somalia.
In mid August 2012, Somali leaders approved a provisional constitution that bars child labor, as well as outlawing the use of child soldiers and child marriage.
In all three regions of Somalia, the Ministries of Labor, Justice, Interior and Security are responsible for enforcing laws against child labor; however, no funding has been sent to enforce these laws via agencies and investigators.
Spreading Awareness

Education About Current Events
Asking Bigger Powers To Contribute
People need to work together in order to accomplish anything that could contribute to helping different parts of the world. It's important that we all help each other if one day we all want to be at peace with one another.
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