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ITB Library subject guide: accounting, finance & economics

How to find accounting, finance and economics resources at ITB Library.

ITB Library

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of ITB Library subject guide: accounting, finance & economics

Are you doing a module on
accounting, finance
or economics this term? Do you know what resources are
available in the library to help you? The library is here
to help you! 1. On the library shelves... 2. You can also find resources
on the library website ... 3. Finally, when you are looking for information on the Web... You can find information in 3 main places:
on the library shelves
on the library website
on the web On level 2 you can find your text
books and other relevant books each book in the library has a class number the books are shelved in order according to class number So, on this side of the library the books have a class
number between 000 - 399 and on this side of the library the books have a class number between 400 - 999 Use the library catalogue to
find the location of any book On level 1 you can find on this side of the library and on this side of the library And remember... For links to all resources check out:

On campus: Study@Library

Off campus: Moodle
http://moodle.itb.ie/mod/resource/view.php?inpopup=true&id=42508 ITB Library subscribes to
a range of databases for
business students They are purchased
for ITB students.
Just like books! These are good academic resources
They are ideal to include in your assignments If you don't have a library PIN you can set it as follows: Sometimes, it seems like the easiest
place to access resources
is by searching Google and that can be a good place to start But we need to be careful when taking information from the web Some websites are
better than others! Academic resources,
like the books and journals that libraries buy,
are edited.

They are evaluated by the publisher. To get you started, we have a list of useful websites and online
gateways at
Study @ Library

http://elan:8888/Student/StudyatLibrary/SitePages/AccountingFinanceEconomics.aspx And remember,
you must decide
whether your online
information is
suitable for a
college assignment These are just some of the resources to help you start your assignment Remember! If you have any other questions Ask A Librarian! LibraryInfo@itb.ie Have you seen ITB Library's
online resources? ITB Library http://blanchlib.itb.ie level 2 level 1 (available on campus) print journals annual reports
official publications
newspapers Journals are shelved
alphabetically by title

The journal archive contains
journal issues from the past
few years. See the library
catalogue for details of each title. Calculators can be borrowed
at the library desk

Current newspapers are available on
the newspaper stand See shaded area:

330: general economics
331: labour economics
332: financial economics
336: personal finance
337: international economics
339: macroeconomics See shaded area:

657.2 book keeping
657.3 financial reporting
657.42 cost accounting
657.45 auditing
657.46 tax accounting ITB Library Search for information
using One Search Enter your search terms Use the limiters in the margin to refine your search results
This means more relevant results! To read an article click on
Full Text Online When prompted: log in using your name,
student number and library PIN
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