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Ocular inflammation

No description

Arundathi Jayatilleke

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Ocular inflammation

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association with systemic disease
Ocular inflammation
topical therapy usually not enough
systemic NSAIDs or steroids
often immunomodulatory agents if disease not responsive
50% with underlying disease: RA, ANCA-associated vasculitis
inflammation of the superficial layer
typically unilateral and mild
painless or mild pain
redness in either nasal or temporal quadrant
resolves in about 1 week
inflammation of the sclera
often with corneal inflammation (keratitis)
deep red, usually bilateral
progressive onset of dull pain
may cause secondary uveitis
can cause nodularity, scleromalacia -->risk of globe rupture
risk of vision loss
severe pain and photophobia
often unilateral but may be bilateral
may have increased intra-ocular pressure
often persists for weeks - months
risk of vision loss
treat with steroid drops
associated with irritants or foreign body
recurrent episcleritis can be associated with autoimmune disease (RA, GPA)
by Holly Fischer
typically requires topical steroids and cycloplegics
treatment of any underlying disease: TB, syphilis, seroneg. spondyloarthropathy, Behcet's, IBD
HLA-B27 association
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