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The Unique You

Young Living Chapter 1 Lesson 1 7th Grade FACS

Diane Leitheiser

on 20 November 2018

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Transcript of The Unique You

Young Living Chapter 1 Lesson 1
The One and Only You
We are all

One of a kind
We are all different from each other, but we share some common needs
Food, Water, Shelter
The need to feel safe
The need to feel loved and accepted
Traits in Common
No two people act, think or feel the same way
- Different experiences

- Different backgrounds

Everything influences who you are
Being an Individual
Heredity & Environment
Other Influences from Culture
A coat of arms or family crest has long been a symbol of a family's
identity and values.
Originally used to identify warriors dressed in armor, each knight chose symbols and colors to
represent his family or clan.
These family crests or coats of arms have been passed down through generations.

A simple identification of who they where and what they stood for!!
Coat of Arms
Your Coat of Arms
Create a Personal Coat of Arms
First Name
in the stripe
In color -
colored pencil
(start your work in pencil but there should be no plain pencil on the final product)
Neat / Legible
- stencils are available
Images of things, ideas, people, etc. that are important to you
Minimum of 5 Images
- may be traced, but then must be colored - find images, print them out and bring them to class to trace
Cut out and
mounted on construction paper
before handing in

- the ways of thinking, acting, dressing and speakings shared by a group of people
Coat of Arms for English Royalty

- the passing on of traits of characteristics from parent to child
Eye, hair and skin color, facial features, body build, etc

- all the living and non-living things that surround you
Big city, little town, country, climate
Country, State

Acquired Traits

- learned from the people and things around you

most important

Family Background
Only child, brothers/sisters
Family Activities



Think of what an infant can do when they are born...
Everything you know how to do now had to be acquired from the people and information around you
Dirndl and Lederhosen - traditional German dress
Sometimes traditions are unique only to your family.

My Grandpa Joe passed away before most of his grandchildren were born. Grandma Dorothy passed away before most of her grandchildren were old enough to get be married. In all the pictures I have ever seen, Grandpa wore two outfits, overalls for working on the farm and a suit for church. Grandma never went outside to work without a large bonnet and apron. As a way to remember those who came before us, weddings in my family involve the bride and groom dancing in outfits that our grandparents wore.
What is with the overalls?
My mother's kitchen table preparing for Christmas gifts
The things you make for holidays and celebrations are traditions too.
Does your family all support the same team, or is it tense on game days? Special days?
The way you celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc
Foods or activities you do?
What is very important to you? To your family?
Where your ancenstors came from, the ways you celebrate holidays and festivals, traditional dress, tradition foods.

Culture can influence expectations for behavior in various situations: school, worship, public vs. private setting
Where did you grow up? Have you lived in Aberdeen all your life? Did you move here from a smaller town, or a large city? Do you live on a farm or in town?
Who has traveled to a different country?
Who has ridden a horse?
Who has put their foot in an ocean?
Who is an only child? Oldest? Youngest?
Who has two families?
Who speaks multiple languages fluently?
Family, Friends, Music, Arts, Sports, Dance
Books, Movies, Hobbies, Travel, Competitions
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