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Presentation for Headteacher

No description

B Higgins

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Presentation for Headteacher

Presentation for Headteacher

Schools of choice for parents in the region

Children are ‘successful today

prepared for tomorrow’

best schools in Dubai

Vision for DESSC

Conceptual Thematic Enquiry Curriculum
engaging, enriched, unique curriculum

Play based learning –
child led learning moving towards personalised learning

Successful Competitive Sports Programme -
the best advertising money can’t buy!

DESS Factor!
Success at DESS

Inspirational leadership -
at all levels

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
empowering staff and unlocking potential

Effective communication -
clarity of message

Raising attainment levels in Arabic and
Islamic Education -
external accreditation

Key Priorities to
Ensure Success

… because three Heads
are better than two!

Leadership Team

Culture Change

Building a strong, effective and cohesive team working to realise
a shared vision
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