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McCarthyism and its Relation to The Crucible

No description

Brianna Weber

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of McCarthyism and its Relation to The Crucible

What was the Cold War? McCarthyism The Decline HUAC Investigations Russia Vs. The United States
Started in 1945, before McCarthyism started in 1950
The USSR was spreading Communism throughout Europe.
This was the first time Communism had threatened Americans.
The cold war ignited the Communist "witch hunt" by McCarthy.
Or as it's commonly known, the Red Scare What Lead to McCarthy's Downfall Started October 1953 when McCarthy interrogated the army
The army fired back
Accused McCarthy of abusing his congressional privileges
Televised hearings showed his true colors
Lost position on the Governmental Committee of Operations of the Senate in December of 1954 Campaign against alleged Communists
Led by Senator Joseph McCarthy
1950-1954 Many were accused but actually weren't Communists
They were blacklisted and lost their jobs
Were expected to give names of other Communists The Red Scare !! Joseph McCarthy West Virginia, on February 9, 1950
205 Communist members in United States Department of State
Set off era of paranoia and accusations Republican U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
Aimed to declare the State Department associated with Communists
Used his power as chairman to continue investigations on Communists The Cold War and it's Effects Relations to the Crucible Accused with no evidence
Government had too much power
If accused expected to give up associates
If accused your life is ruined
In Salem excommunicated from church
In Red Scare you become an outcast House of Un-American Activities Committee
HUAC investigated allegations of communist activity
Life became very difficult for those who were accused of communism Many individuals were persecuted and blacklisted
"Exiled from society"
Employers refused to hire you Even after the accusations ended life was not normal for the accused.
They were still outcast from society
Could not get another job for many years
This was true for both the witch hunts and communist hunts McCarthyism and Its Relationship to The Crucible McCarthy lost all influence he had
Government "apologized" to all who were accused.
People eventually began to regain their lives back "Cold War."The History Channel Website. n.d. A&E Television Network, LLC. Web. 26 Sept. 2012.

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The Red Scare. 2011. Photograph. GlogsterWeb. 1 Oct 2012. Works Cited Quiz! Which two countries were in the Cold War?

When did the Red Scare start and how did it start?

Who started the Red Scare?

What was the HUAC?

What happened to the people black listed?

Who was McCarthy?

Who was spreading communism in Europe?

Did you have fun during this Prezi?? Mariah Aguilar, Matt Baker, Ryan Hager, Hunter Plaza & Brianna Weber Sought to purge the country of Communism
HUAC became to hunt anyone from "The Red"
The work of the committee began to decline
After a while, they lost all influence over anyone
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