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Andrew Janco-Curriculum Vitae

No description

Andrew Janco

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Andrew Janco-Curriculum Vitae

Andrew Paul Janco
Curriculum Vitae

Lecturer in Human Rights, The University of Chicago
Ph.D. in History, June 2012,
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Dissertation, “Soviet ‘Displaced Persons’ in Europe, 1941-1951”
Advisors: Sheila Fitzpatrick, Michael Geyer and Ronald Suny

Western Civilization, University of Alaska Anchorage
European Civilization, The University of Chicago
M.A. in History, 2002,
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

B.A. with Honors in History, 2001,
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Research Abroad

IREX, Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program

Research in:

New York

FLAS (Title VI) Fellowship in Eastern European and Eurasian Studies
“KVN: Authenticity and Improvised Comedy in the Soviet Union, 1957-1971” in Rob Turncock and Peter Goddard eds.,
Popular Television in Authoritarian Europe
, University of Manchester Press, 2013.
“The Soviet Refugee: Problems of Imposture and Contested Identity in the Displaced
 Persons’ Camps, 1945-1947” in Johannes-Dieter Steinert and Inge Weber-Newth (eds),
Beyond Camps and Forced Labour. Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution
. Osnabrueck: Secolo Verlag, 2008.

“Autobiographical Texts and the Creation of “Second Wave” Émigré Identities” [in Russian]
Novyi Zhurnal/The New Review
no. 246 (March 2007).

“Training in the Amusements of Mars: Peter the Great, War Games and the Science of War, 1673-1699”
Russian History/ Histoire Russe
, 30, nos. 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2003): 35- 112.

'Unwilling: The One-Word Revolution
in Refugee Status, 1940-1951',
Contemporary European History
, vol . 23, no. 3 (August 2014), 431-48.

University Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut,
Human Rights Institute
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