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PayneWest Recruiting

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of PayneWest Recruiting

Day to Day
Whats our Why?
How we do what we do
What we do what we do
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We have conversations with our clients...discussing the results and strategies of their past, present, and future. We then learn what could stop them from achieving those results. After that, we implement strategies that align with the results they want to achieve, and minimize the risks that could stop them from getting their.

Risk- Prevent, Mitigate, Accept, Transfer, Finance
Insurance and Risk Management

Competitive / fast paced environment
$35,000 - $300,000 / year
Can be high stress- not easy!
First 3 Years
On boarding- technical and sales- 3 years
Coaching- 1 on 1 and group
Who are we
Insurance and Risk Management Firm
Merger between Western States Insurance and Payne Financial Group- Jan 2013
630 +/- Employees- Over 30 Locations in MT, WA, OR, and ID
Sales- Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, Benefits
Support Staff
HR, IT, Admin
9th Largest Privately held insurance firm in the country
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Ryan Bramlette, CIC Mark Durham
Regional Director Commercial Risk Advisor
Vice President

rbramlette@paynewest.com mdurham@paynewest.com
406-556-4613 406-556-4637

PayneWest Insurance
Safety and Loss Control
Claims Advocacy team
Specialty Divisions
Market Clout
Business Development Center
PayneWest University
Affiliations- Sitkins, Assurex Global, etc
We look to implement our resources and intellect so we can help our clients increase profit margins and drive down costs...ultimately assisting them to grow, prosper, and continue to be valuable assets in our community.

By doing this, we also challenge our colleagues to become better....every day. Professionally, personally, and in their communities.

By maximizing our potential- we can be an example for our 3 C's..... to do the same.

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