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Unit 1 - Government, policies and the public services

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Hannah Hughes

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of Unit 1 - Government, policies and the public services

Unit 1 -
Government, policies and the Public services

Aims of the session:
Introduction to the unit
Introduction into Government and Parliament

Identify the difference between Government and Parliament.
What role and responsibilities of Government
What consists within Parliament.
What roles does Government undertake?
Central Government
National affairs
General welfare of citizens and the protection of the most vulnerable people within society.
Administers the Public Services
Who are Central Government held accountable to?
House of Lords
House Of Commons
Central Government
European Parliament
Roles of the
regional assemblies
Representing their people
and the country
Making laws specific
to their area
Develop, review and monitor transport, waste
and biodiversity
Voice of their region
Recommend to the Government any housing
priorities in the region.
Aims of the session:
Discuss the roles of devolved Parliaments, the advantages and disadvantages of devolved Parliaments
Introduce and discuss regional assemblies and the authorities that form local government.

Outcomes of the session:
Learners will demonstrate knowledge of central Government and Parliament.
Be able to explain devolved Parliaments, regional assembly formation and local government.
Forms of local Government:
The Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell
Registry - B/M/D
Cremation and Burial
Housing, planning and development
Tax and Council tax collection
Refuse collection
Social Services
Public Transport
Environmental health
Aims of the session:
Recap the previous session surrounding local governments.
Revisit in detail House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarch.

By the end of the session learners will be able to:
List five pieces of information differentiating between House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Identify the role the Monarch undertakes with Parliament.
Alternative forms of Councils
District (Part of a county)
Unitary authorities
Metropolitan district
Facts surrounding the House of Commons
1 - 646 MPs representing
various political parties
2 - Protecting the Individual
3 - Scrutinizing the work of Government
4 - Controlling finance
5 - Making laws

1- What is royal assent?
2 - Definition of a debate.
3 - Outline the roles of the Monarch
4 - Identify the key features between Government and Parliament.
6 - Examining European
Union Proposals
Aims of the session:
The Scottish Parliament
The Welsh Assembly
The Northern Ireland Assembly
Who can be a Lord?
Life peers, Bishops and Archbishops
Want to become a MP?
General election and a by-election,
Unit 1 - Government, policies
and the public services

Branches of

Roles at Government level
Appointed by and held accountable to the Queen
Must be a member of the House of Commons
PM is the leader of the party with most votes.
Powers include:
Overall responsibility for security, mobilisation of Armed forces and control of civil service.
Appoints and dismisses government ministers.
Controls the cabinet agenda
Channel for communication between Queen and the government.
Spokesperson for the nation.
Meets with heads of states within other nations to discuss financial and foreign policies.
Government Ministers
Cabinet Minister
Ministers of state and under-secretaries of state
Parliamentary secretaries
Council Members
Members of Parliament
MP for a week
Key content:
Levels of Government
Election processes of various levels of Government
Government policies and the impact they have on the public
Development of Government policies


Show me all you know about
Parliament, House of Commons
and House of Lords.

Using the paper provided
summarise all you know
European Parliament -
What is it?
In your own words begin to summarise your understanding of European Parliament.
Task 2 - Hand in date next week!!

Government departments
What they do
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