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Volcanoes - Caden

No description

Nancy Torchiano

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Volcanoes - Caden

A volcano is a mountain connected to the earth's core and the core produces magma that comes out the volcano and is now called lava. Magma comes out because the pressure builds and spews lava out the from the volcano.
After a Volcano:
Check to see if the volcano is still active.
Check with police to see if you can go home.

Effects of a Volcano
Houses and roads can be damaged by lava.
Smoke and ash pollute the air and may cause death.

During a Volcano:
During a volcano you should follow your evacuation route (make sure you have gas in your car)
Wear a gas mask or stay inside in a safe place with windows closed
Avoid river areas

What is a volcano?
Before a Volcano:
Organize an emergency kit and charge your cellphone.
Have a flashlight ready.
Evacuate if needed.
Fun Fact: There are volcanoes 8,500 ft under the sea.
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