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No description

Floyd Simmons

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Sars

Sars is respiratory disease in humans SARS stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome There were 8,096 known infected cases and 774 deaths of SARS SARS appears to have started in Guangdong Province, China in November 2002
The Chinese government did not tell the World Health Organization of the SARS outbreak until February 2003.
Symptoms of SARS are flue-like such as cough, sore throat, fever
In 2003 the disease started spreading to other nations 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup, originally scheduled for China, was moved to the United States The SARS virus was contained in 2006 The United States has 27 confirmed cases but no deaths
I would design SARS day. It would be a day where people would mourn the death of their loved ones that had SARS. It would be held in all the countries that had deaths from the disease SARS, especially China. The people that would come and celebrate this day would be the people who lost their family to this disease. by Floyd Simmons
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