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Prettytough By: Liz Tigelaar

No description

Breanna Bingen

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Prettytough By: Liz Tigelaar

Character Description
Breanna Bingen
Charlie Brown- main
By: Liz Tigelaar
Soccerfield in California
Doesn't say when.
Martie- main
Krista Brown- main
Noah- main
Regan- minor
Zaida- minor
Carla- minor
Pickle- minor
Darcy- minor
Charlie Brown- who the story is about
Krista- Charlies older sister
Noah- the assistant couch
Martie- couch
Pickle- Charlies friend
Carla- Charlies friend
Zaida- girl from Charlies soccer team
Regan- a girl who bullies Charlie
Darcy- girl from Charlies soccer team
Charlie and Krista had to go to school and take their SAT's. After school Karla went to soccer practice. Charlie was walking home and ran into Martie. Martie took her to where he watches one of her old soccer players play.

Charlie and Krista go to hell week with everyone else who wants to be on the team. They do warm ups and stretches. when they are done they go home. When they come back to school Charlie and Krista are both on the team.

Charlie and Krista's soccer team play. Charlie gets hit so she gets mad and runs right into the girl that hit her. Charlie gets a red card which means she is out for the rest of the game.
Charlie joins Krista's team Krista gets mad. They start fighting in the middle of a game.
Martie tells them that they have to get along on he field or they are both off the team.
They stop fighting and Charlie starts to listen to Krista.
Favorite Part
Charlie joins Krista's team so Krista gets mad at her.
It reminds me of my brothers and I.
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