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Child Labor - Industrial Revolution

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Isabella McAlonan

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Child Labor - Industrial Revolution

Child Labor - Industrial Revolution
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Factories & Coal Mines
When the families migrated from the rural to the cities to find jobs, all the members of the family had to work including the children. The most common place where children worked were the coal mines and the factories.
How the children were treated:
Work Time:
The kids that worked in the factories and coal mines normally spent most of the time in the factories working 12-14 hours but sometimes even 19 hours a day with a one-hour total break.
The children that worked in those factories were very young and the time that they were needed to be having their childhood they were working.The ages was between 6 to 14.
The treatment of children in factories was often cruel and unusual, and the children's safety was generally neglected.
The people who the children served would beat them, verbally abuse them, and take no consideration for their safety. Both boys and girls who worked in factories were subject to beatings and other harsh forms of pain infliction.
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Compared to now-a-days children and what they do it was really different, we don't do even half of what they did before. Children were badly treated and they suffered.
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