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The Keystone Species of the Rainforests

Oliver Lee

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Jaguar

Jaguar By: Oliver Lee Habitat:
Southern US – Northern Argentina
Near Water

Biggest Cat in Western Hemisphere
3rd biggest in world
Ambush predator

Equilibrial, “K” species
Maturity after 2 years
Up to 4 cubs
Life span – 12-15 years Basic Info Ecological Role Apex Predator / Keystone Species:
Maintains structure in forests
Without Jaguar – mid-sized prey dramatically increases

Sympatric with the Cougar
Share territory
Jaguar – Large prey
Cougar – Small prey Without the Jaguar Small and large prey population will increase
Eventually overflow carrying capacity

Cougar will suffer
Depends on Jaguar to control large prey

Rainforest habitats will suffer Variation 5 geographical species of Jaguar
Peruvian Jaguar
Mexican Jaguar
Central American Jaguar
Arizonian Jaguar
Goldman’s Jaguar (Yucatan Peninsula – Guatemala)
Thank You!
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