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Optimizing electric motor systems

No description

arno leerkes

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Optimizing electric motor systems

Optimization of electric motor systems

Total cost of ownership
New regulations
Reduce the carbon footprint
Edward Vorderman
What is an electric motor ?
Electric motors in industy
About 65 - 75 % of the total electrical energy

What is an electric motor ?
Purpose of an electric motor
How does it work?
Electric motor in the industry
What are the energy efficiency opportunities?
Step 1
Questions ?
Arno Leerkes


Electric motors are operating
Dividing of motor power
Ac or DC electric motor
Classification of motors
How does an electric motor Work?
Electromechanical device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy
Mechanical energy used to
Rotate pump
Drive compressors
Lift materials
16 June 2011, all new produced electric motors have to comply by the IE2 regulations
January 1 2015, All new electric motors have to comply by the IE3 regulations
Step 3
January 1 2017 all electric motors between 0,75 / 375 kw IE3
Efficiency in %
Old VS new regulations
Calculation between a old motor an a new motor
ATEX Motors
Motors designed for temperatures outside the -15 / +40C range
Motors designed for heights over 1.000M above sea level
Motors designed for temperatures higher than 400C
when you should install an high efficiency motor
Why energy saving measures ?
International agreement
Treaty of Kyoto (reduction of the green house gas by 2020)
EU 8% reduction
The Netherlands 6%
Type of motor
New projects
Replacement or repairs
By efficiency improvement
Better control
In the old day`s. Hold you foot on the throttle and break.
New way is -> control the throttle
Control the throttle
Control the output of a electric motor by adjusting the frequentie
AC Motor
Two parts: stator an rotor
Stator: stationary electrical component
Rotor: rotates the motor shaft
To types
Sychronous motor
Induction motor
% of motor full load current

Every motor has a curve pattern in which the max speed and torque are most efficient to operate
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