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Balloon Powered Car (GOOD ONE)

No description

Vivianne Whalen

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Balloon Powered Car (GOOD ONE)

BY VIVIANNE WHALEN BALLOON POWERED CAR THE UNICORN MOBILE Our Materials Making Of the First Car The first car we made had a tissue box as a base. The axis's were wooden stick skewers. Jif peanut butter caps were used as wheels. A straw was connected to a balloon. The straw let the air out of the end of the car. When we tested the car our car did not work. The straw did not let enough air out causing the car to not work. We changed the straw, and the car started to work. But it was very slow and it only worked half of the time. We brought this car to test day, and it didn't work. It only went 3.79 meters. Our First Car This car blew air
out into the air
instead of out at the
floor. This design did
not work at all. We
had to change this. Changes to the First Design We tried using
skewers to hold
the straw up.
this didn't work
either The Next Change The next change we made was to use duct tape to
hold the straw up. We also cut the cardboard box
down, to reduce weight. This car is almost there. This car works, but the wheels aren't even, so the car cannot go straight. So we adjust the wheels, and we hope
that our car works. After a lot of changes, remakes,
and adjustments we test our car again and hope that it actually works. The Last Day Yay it works!!!
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