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The Hero's Journey: Monomyth Diagram: The Odyssey

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Ronan BattleBlade

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Monomyth Diagram: The Odyssey

Supernatural Aid
The threshold is the actual Trojan War, that Odysseus fights in. He ultimately wins, and is ready to set sail for home.
The Call to Adventure
Odysseus is called from his home country and kingdom, Ithaca(modern day Greece. He is summoned by King Agmemnon to fight in Troy. Odysseus leaves behind his son Telemachus, and his wife Penelope, and goes to troy
Threshold Gaurdian
The Threshold Gaurdian in this Story is Pallas Athena. She both guides and advises him on his travels, and aids him as he crosses the threshold, which is the Trojan War.
Athena aided Odysseus greatly, as did Zeus, and Aeolus and Antinoos as well. Aeolus gave Odysseus the winds.
Odysseus mentor throughout this epic is Pallas Athena who is Always there for him. His Helper, however, would be Hermes, as he saves him from Circe later on. Tiresias also Aids odysseus and warns him of the cattle of the Sun God
Challenges and Temptation
The challenges Odysseus has to face are the Sirens, whose sweet music bodes ill and causes death, Polyphemus the giant, Circe, Scylla, Charybdis, as well as the cattle of Helios.
Odysseus's atonement is when he goes into his palace, passes the test of the bow that Penelope had given to the suitors, then he, along with Telemachus, slay all the suitors with some divine help aiding them as well.
Gift of the Godess and Return
Athena helps Odysseus to slay the suitors, and beautifies him to look young again. He then meets his wife for the first time in 20 years. At first, Penelope does not believe odysseus for who he is, but then he proves himself to her by telling her of the bed that he carved out of a tree for the both of them. At last, he takes his rightful place at the throne of Ithaca, and he and his country can finally live in peace and tranquility.
Abyss and Revelation
Odysseus travels to the Underworld to meet the blind prophet tiresias, who tells him of the challenges that lie ahead, such as circe and Helio's cattle
After managing to sail back to Ithaca, odysseus reveals himself to first his old swineherd and then to his own son. Odysseus comes to realize that his house is overrun by the suitors of Penelope, and they are hostile as well. He does not takes this lightly and plots revenge against the suitors who nagged at his wife for 20 long years.
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