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HS 805

No description

Jill Sinclair

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of HS 805

2014: Nursed in Sierra Leone during Ebola outbreak

2015: Hospitalised in UK with the virus for a month

2015: Returned to work as Public Health Nurse in Scotland

2016: Cleared of misconduct charges after independent panel inquiry

Oct 2016: Hospitalised for the 4th time since her return

What questions does this raise??
Ebola Nurse
Moral Climate Change
Some things to consider .....
Do you think it constitutes misconduct?
What are your responsibilities in a pandemic?
'unacceptable or improper behaviour, especially by an employee or professional person'

'mismanagement, especially culpable neglect
of duties'
What about the culpability of the others involved in recoding of the temperature?
Generic definition
Legal definition
HPCA Act (Section 100)
- 'an act or omission that amounts to malpractice or negligence ...'
or 'brings discredit to the profession ...'

'... in the judgement of the Tribunal'
Professional or Personal Definition
Where else is it defined legally??
Harmless Nursing Chat or Alienating Attitudes
A conflicted landscape
.. a process of learning norms, attitudes, behaviours, skills, roles and values of a profession

learning to behave in a way that is consistent with other persons occupying the same role
The process is a result of exposure to mulitple socialisation agents
Consider ... your role as a socialisation agent
Remember - values guide and motivate behaviour ... are we role modeling value based care
.. what happens if those without the power to change things keep doing this ....
Not all constraints are 'external' to nurses
Consider whether you are complicit in reinforcing situational constraints
Remember .. in our health care system, nurses are the most numerous and the most consistently present. Our ability to act ethically has a profound effect on patients, families, communities and the entire health care environment
think about the way you are perceived .. as that is someone's reality
Strategies to Promote Nurses Moral Voices in the Workplace
Ethics journal clubs
Nursing representation on ethics committees
Ethics education / grand rounds
Survey staff
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