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Mentorship - First Grade

No description

Kaiti Sheaves

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Mentorship - First Grade

12:00 - 12:20 --> Lunch

12:20 - 12:45 --> Recess

12:45 - 1:25 --> Power Up

1:30 - 2:15 --> Specials (Planning)

2:15 - 2:50 --> Unit

2:50 - 3:00 --> Clean up/Pack up

Mrs. Colvin
Same game - Different levels
There has never been another profession in which I have ever considered.
Teaching is something that you must crave to be. Otherwise, your students are at a lost. It is not you who will suffer, you will still be getting paid; but it will be your students who will suffer.
Sweetest boy you'll ever meet
Craziness in the classroom
Riverheads Elementary School
January - May 2015
Most important thing I learned from Mrs. Colvin....
Water Spraying was the most effective!
Just Kidding
We used Gladiator Bucks and Think Times!
Riverheads Elementary School
Future Plans
Showed me that I will never hate my job.
Kindergarten - Second Grade
Always have fun with it!
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