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Marketing with Social Media

No description

Katherine Leslie

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Marketing with Social Media

Optimal posting times:
Before work
After work

Consider the lifestyle of your customers.

As a habit, post frequently.
When should I post?
Posting with professionalism

Definition: An easy way to categorize, find, and join conversations on a particular topic

Choose a unique hashtag

Check availability

Using hashtags:
Pound sign
No spaces
No special characters
Do not begin with or use only number
Be careful with slang
Add photos weekly

Announce promotions
Menu specials

Encourage customers to engage online
Maintaining activity
Making the Most of Your Online Tools
Featuring: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Marketing with Social Media
Must have personal Facebook account

Professional profile will be accessible to the public

No "friend" limit
Personal vs. Professional Facebook Account
Engaging the customers
Table tents
Domain for Facebook page and other
social media
Preferred hashtag
Ratings, Yelp

Post professional questions
to begin conversation
with customers

Feature photos of customers
Proofread your posts for spelling and grammar.

Avoid "texting lingo"
to appear professional.

Keep your posts clear and concise.

Discuss only business-related topics on social media
Frequent Tweets and Instagram posts (two or three per day)
are acceptable.

Posts on Facebook should be less frequent (once per day)
All encompassing social media site

Links to other social media

63,206 character limit
Allows businesses and customers to interact in real time, encouraging more conversation

More specific interactions - status update, pictures, and links only

140 character limit
Photo- and video-sharing platform

Unique way to promote culture of business

Created for the mobile device

Location tags
Lula Jane's on Facebook
Lula Jane's on Twitter
Photographing for Instagram
Lula Jane's on Twitter
Replying to Tweets
Reply to another user's tweet

When you press "Reply," "@userhandle" will appear. Ensure that a space separates the user handle from your commentary.

You can also manually enter "@userhandle" anywhere in your tweet to address them.
Retweeting another Twitter user's tweet allows your followers to see it, too.

Share content. Credit the original author. Begin conversation. Display original author's thumbnail.
Quote Tweet
Similar to a retweet, but allows for your own commentary.

Features your thumbnail.
Example social media schedule
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