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Plan to GROW!

No description

Vikki Finan

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Plan to GROW!

Targets by FY13:

4.1 Integration Guidance Manual is contextualized to ensure coordination at the branch,
region, and national level between WV, ADP and CEVI.
4.2 At least 2 additional ADPs are able to access microfinance product of CEVI that responds to
their economic needs.

Month 1
Plan and recruit
Get yourself ready, get your family ready, and find some team members during these planning weeks. It's going to be a fun ride!
1. FIND A FRIEND (or two or ten)


Be sure to book lots of events where you'll meet new people!

It's OK to book more than you want to work. Think BIG!!!
3. Partnership with WV for the promotion of child well-being,
focusing on target areas and clients, programming and
organizational integration enhancement.
Targets by FY13:

3.1 Impacted at least 107,289 children
3.2 At least 40% of CEVI Clients are within ADPs covered municipalities
3.3 At least 7% of clients of CEVI within ADP are registered families.
3.4 Maintain A rating in Integration with World Vision
4. Strengthen coordination w/ WV to deepen viable integration
with ADP program
Month 2
Your first qualifying month!
You and your growing team will be working this month to make $2000 in group sales. It's so easy when you are consistent!
1. Find at least 2 more team members. (Even if you already have 10)

2. Do 6 - 8 personal events.
Home Shows are the easiest, fastest, most profitable and the best place to meet new team members!

Preschool Book Fairs and Booths are great additions if you need to meet new people.

Cards for a Cause and Literacy for a Lifetime are nice "background business."
By the end of THIS month you'll need:
$2000 in net GROUP sales ($750 of this are your personal sales)
$750 in net PERSONAL sales.

THREE personal recruits who reach $750 net during their incentive period AND by your promotion date.
*You have one more month for them to reach this goal.
THREE active personal recruits. Usually these are the same as the above recruits.
Your second qualifying month!
1. $750 in PERSONAL net sales.
By the end of this month you'll need:
2. $2000 in GROUP net sales.

3. THREE recruits who are Success Bound - Have sold $750 net during their incentive and BEFORE your promotion date.
4. THREE active recruits. Usually the same as your Success Bound folks.

You'll be finishing up your requirements, you'll have 3 Success Bound & Active recruits and you'll be a Team Leader by month's end!
1. Add two more team members!
4. Work with your leader to help your team and CHECK THOSE NUMBERS!!!
Month 4
You are a TEAM LEADER!
You are making an extra 11% on your OWN home show sales AND those of your team! You'll continue to work with your own team leader to train and motivate your own team. Congratulations!!!!
Month 3
Team Leader Plan 2014
Just share. With everyone.
Let THEM decide!
Encourage your team members to do the same!
3. Work with your Team Leader to train and motivate your team and stay on top of numbers!
And you'll want to be on your way to:
5. A Team Leader agreement on file at the Home Office.

2. Do 6 - 8 personal events.
3. Work with your Team Leader to train and motivate your team!


You'll need a total of 3 "Success Bound" recruits to promote, but this plan encourages you to build bigger during your promotion period.
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