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Cooking is part of my life!

No description

Neida Jolly

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Cooking is part of my life!

Garlic Bread Yum!
Hawaiian Pizza! Mouth watering.
Cooking is part of my life!
Hey Rm. 12! This Passion Project is about cooking, chefs, food and anything else related. I absolutely adore cooking . . . and eating the food I make. So far I know how to make eggs, pancakes, fried plantains, no bake cinnamon rolls, and that's pretty much it, but I'm gonna learn more. Hopefully! Sit back and enjoy the food I'm gonna make, and this presentation! P.S. There will be videos on me cooking, slides on the career of a chef, and some videos on professionals cooking!
Fave Recipes
I have a lot of fave recipes. Here are some I absolutely adore.
Here are some videos of professionals, not me! MY videos are later, maybe on YouTube. P.S. Sorry if you get hungry! You'll have the food I brought (all completely home-made B.T.W.) later.
The career of a
The career of a chef may seem easy, but it is very challenging. You're trying to make food for everyone or majority of people love. It may seem that the advertisers work hard to advertise and they do, they just don't know the strain if chefs. If you think you got what it takes, listen up and take notes!
Well that's all for my presentation on chefs. Next is the food and videos! See you soon!
Why I love Cooking
Well, cooking is really fun and I get rewarded in a way that I love. Food!!!! It's also very exciting serving family or friends and saying: "Yeah, I made it. Why?" The look of surprise and them loving the food gives me lots of pride. You try and see how you fell when that happens. I guarantee, you'll fell the same. Or maybe not (believe me, that will
happen on
Secret Files (Not! I think?)
The way I make my food delicious
for everyone, I add a little something
to add flavor. You know, like a secret
ingredient. I'll tell you an example, with pancakes a add a few mls of vanilla extract and butter the pan. I've tried it numerous times and everyone loved it. At least, everyone who's tried it. Next are a few of my fave foods, and i can make some of them, or I'm trying to perfect them.
Home-made Ice-cream
Thanks for Watching! :-)
Requirements for a Chef (professional)
If you want to be a chef you need to have completed:
culinary schooling
a number a restaurant jobs before (if you want a good reputation and job)
earn a degree in culinary (not required)
National Certificate in Hospitality – Cookery (Level 4).
Train by completing a one-year, full-time Level 3 or 4 national certificate in cookery or food preparation with a training provider.
at least 1 yr. of training with every single thing
Personal Requirements
Chefs need to be:
creative and open-minded
able to follow instructions
willing to learn new cooking methods, recipes and menus
able to work well under pressure
able to work well in a team
organized, quick and efficient, while still being patient and careful
good at planning
good at communicating and managing people.
need to be able to work well in a team
Salary Range for a chef
The average chef that works hard and gets paid for their good efforts get paid about a good $46 600 a year. Those who work hard but are underpaid (or don't work hard get pay they deserve) get about $24 770 yearly. The highest paying and great, fantastic chef gets an average of about $74 060 annually. Great pay and it's worth it, because you're working your butt off, making food everyone day, and when you want to spend some time with family on the holidays, you have have to work even harder, for those who get the chance to have family time. Think about it, is it worth it to you?
Photos of professional chefs
google images
my cook book
me and many other websites about the career of a chef that I forgot the name of
"Using just a few excellent ingredients, anyone can make a perfect meal with very little formal training.” -Chef Walter Scheib
Work hard. Laugh when you feel like crying. Keep an open mind, open eyes and an open spirit.
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