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The Women of Ancient Egypt

No description

Serena Stein

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of The Women of Ancient Egypt

The Women of Ancient Egypt
Thesis statement
Women in Ancient Egypt had many topics to research about, but i chose the following three. I will be writing about women's rights, the work they had, and their marriages.

The Egyptian women had most of the same rights as the men in the same social class as them. The men and women were responsible for their own actions. ( http://fathom.lib.uchicago.edu ) In Egypt, social position was not based on gender, but social rank. For the Egyptians, it was possible to move up into higher social classes. If the women's husband moved up in the social class, the wife was able to move up as well with the husband. ( According to the website http://www.virtual–egypt.com/newhtml/special/women/. N.p., ... )

Back in the ancient Egyptian times, getting married was a big deal. Women (girls) usually were expected to get married by the age of 12-15. But their marriages are very different from ours today. Back then, the men could marry more than one women and they could marry their close relatives such as brothers and sisters. (according to the website Www.library.cornell.edu. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2014. )
By: Serena Stein
In conclusion, Ancient Egyptian women have most of the same rights as the men, and are basically treated the same. Also, based on their place in the social status, that decided their work. Lastly, their marriages were very different from our marriages today. I learned more about the Ancient Egyptian Women while researching and I hope you did too.
Work for Ancient Egyptian women depended on their rank in the social status and their wealth. For women in the higher social status, they had servants to do their chores for them. But in the lower classes, they were the servants for the higher classes. ( Morris, 45) For example, for a women in a lower rank in the social status, their jobs were to serve/help the upper classes such as cooking, cleaning, and daily chores. For a women in the upper class, they didnt have to do much work because they had the women in the lower classes do work for them. But no matter what social class any women was in, they all had certain jobs and work to do. Such as take care of their family and houses. ( Morris, 45 )
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