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What I Learned

No description

Kimberly Weston

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of What I Learned

Group Six What We Learned In CISP 112 What We Learned Prezi Group Six
11am 1) Find a meeting software
2) Establish a meeting time
3) Invite friends
4) Conduct a meeting We researched a few speech recognition programs in class. Speech Recognition Programs We signed up for prezi in class and then learned how to use the program and create a presentation. Our Study Styles We Discovered... We used prezi to outline our life story and display facts about ourselves. Power Point Skills In Class we learned how to create effective power points and some guidelines of making a good power point. Go2web20.net Ubuntu We learned how to work Ubuntu and how to navigate through it.
It is similar to Mac's iOS software.
It offers apps and games just like Mac.
Free download I learned how to search for different social networks. By: Chri Carter, LaTanya Fowler, Kimberly Weston, Brad VanSledright This website provides a lot of information for any type of topic you would like to learn more information about. VISUAL What I learned from google docs was how to work together in a group with projects and presentations. Kinesthetic Speech Gear Vox Command Speech Magic Freesr Jeannie It allows you to create documents online and collaborating with other users. It allows you to track and tag web 2.0 sites. Pictures Videos Links Using a Meeting
Wizard APA Format -Running Head
-Page Number
-College Name
-Class Name
-Due Date
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