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How to Successful at FS

No description

Bria Mayo

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of How to Successful at FS

Peer Tutoring
Cultivating Success
Lastly, but not least important, there are certain personal habits that successful students share. Taking time for yourself supremely important. Rest. Healthy Eating. Friendship. Exercise. Whatever you do take care of yourself.You can't be yourself without "you time". Take time to make it happen whatever "it" is.
Tools for a Successful Student

Writing Center and Math Lab
Support for Academic Success
Tools for a Successful Student
Tools for Successful Students
Professor Office Hours
When you get frustrated or overwhelmed with your studies-or life in general-and you've exhausted your usual "fixes", there are student counselors available to help.
Support For Academic Success
Career Center/ Advising
Tactics for Successful Student
When successful students take the time to learn about their personality and individual learning style in order to enhance their capacity for learning. As with your learning style, one personality can affect how you learn as well. When motivated, goal setting can be used for everything.
How to be Successful at FSW
Megan Cyr, Brittany Fodor, Bria Mayo, and Ubiely Rivero
Managing our time
It will help us to identify priorities
Academic Goals
Personal Goals
Plan daily Activities
Setting goals first is important
Tools for Successful Student
Managing financial responsibilities
II-Identify expenses
III- A personal budget
is absolute necessary
Income minus Expenses
Beginning of financial responsibility
I- Identify source of Income

V- Monthly Evaluation
IV- Problems with Income?
Sacrifice luxury for needs will works
Pursuing our education
is important to be successful
Expenses that were covered:
Tuition and books
Savings for "unknowns"
Support For Academic Success
Help you stay on track with your academic goals
You can get help in the research room, the front desk can help you with the WEPA NOW,check out books for assignments, and occupy rooms for study groups.
In your professor's office you can get help with your assignments or ask questions about lectures.
If you don't already know your passion or the career that is best suited for you, a trip to the career center will help you with your decision. Once you have a path in mind, a trip to academic advising will help you devise a plan to reach your career goals and stay on track.
The writing center can help you edit assignments for any class,the math center can help with math problems, and its free!
Peer Tutor is a resource to help you with any classes you have problems with. Students who familiarize themselves with their resources are more likely to succeed.
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