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US - Israeli Relations (Arab-Israeli Conflict Presentation) - Ralu & Veronika 24/03/14

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Ralu O-O

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of US - Israeli Relations (Arab-Israeli Conflict Presentation) - Ralu & Veronika 24/03/14

US - Israeli
'Special Relationship'

Ralu Oteh-Okezie
(4th Yr P & IR)

Veronika Hofmann
(4th Yr IR & Soc)

'Jewish-American' Context
‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
Mearsheimer and Walt’s
Dr. Norman FInkelstein
Suggestions for Future of US-Israeli Relationship
American Jewish Lobbies
Current Arab-Israeli Contentions
Kerry Peace Plan (Israel VS Palestine)

Iranian Nukes (US-Iranian Relationship)
"It's a very complicated, very difficult issue for a lot of people. It's so emotional - so deep, historically and culturally - that I do not get agitated. I just don't let those things get in the way. I believe, and President Obama believes, that Israel and the region and the Palestinians will all be served by having peace. ... And we will meet our obligations and our commitments to Israel with respect to security, even as we try to nudge this process forward to end what has been too many years of conflict"
John Kerry, 2014
- Kerry Peace Plan - Failure = 3rd Intifada
- 'Special Relationship' with Israel should be downgraded in status
- Greater consciousness of Israels Misdeeds
- We should be committed to is existence but not to colonize the occupied territories.
- US Allies should do more to take burden of Israel off of US

Jewish-American Sphere's of Influence
The Jewish-American Influence
on US Foreign policy

Conference of Organisations of Major American Jewish Organisations

- Presidents Conference (PC)
- 52/60 organisations
- 'Voice of American Jewery'
- American + Jewish romance is both ordinary & extraordinary

- Jewish Immigration to the US since 1800's = 20th Century Boom

- Jewish-America essentially ignored 'Israel' till 1967
Post-War = 'Israel' became the new religion

- Israel Lobby VS Jewish Ethnic Block = 'Dual Loyalty' - Material Vs Kin
- Jewish-American Context

- Jewish-American Spheres of Influence

- Current Contentions in Arab-Israeli Conflict

- 'The Israel Lobby'

- Jewish-American Lobbies

- AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

- Critique: Israel Lobby & Foreign Policy (BOOK)

- Anti-Lobbyists

- Suggestions for future of US-Israeli Relationship

- Questions
QUESTIONS ... Please Be Nice : P
- Less than 5% of US Population is Jewish
- Majority live in key electoral States
- Major Sway; Political, Business, Media, Scholarly, Social
- Majority tend to be Democrats
Anti-Lobbyists + J-Street
Info graphic - http://www.pewforum.org/files/2013/12/JewishPoster-web_760x4156px.png.
 - Lobbies are not in 'national interest' of US

- Lobby is a loose coalition of groups and individuals

- Not all Jews in America are part of the Israel lobby and some important parts of the lobby, not all are Jewish.

- Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land as a pre-requisite to '2nd Coming of Jesus'

- “In-gathering" of Jews in Israel is a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Jesus.

John Mearsheimer, Professor at University of Chicago & Stephen Walt, Professor at Harvard University

*Pubslished in London (2007) Not allowed in US
'The Israel Lobby'
"America has the best Congress money can buy"
- Will Rogers
Major Power <--> Political Control

- Most powerful & well known component of a larger pro-Israel lobby
= Conference draws Head of States & 1/2 of Congress + 4000 guests & 1000 Students

- Mass-membership across the Political Sphere i.e. Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

- Money <--> Influence = Campaign contribution key to Jewish power

- Former Israeli Prime Minster, Rabin;

‘Israel would be better off without it’

- Places interns as volunteers in offices of Members of Congress = AIPAC's 'eyes <--> Spies'

J-Street -
The Political home for Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel Americans
- 'Jewish Americans know too much'

- Holocaust should not be used as an excuse for Israeli war crimes against Palestine

* Banned from entering Israel --> 'Anti-Semetic'
The Israel Lobby. Zionist control of America. Part 6 of 6
"Since 1953, Israel and friends of Israel in America, have determined the broad outlines of US policy in the region. It has been left to American presidents to implement that policy with varying degrees of enthusiasim and, to deal with tactical issues”

– Stephen Green

“[T]he American Israel public Affairs Committee – APIAC- has for years been the most powerful single lobby in Washington. Drawing on a well organised, well connected, highly visible and wealthy Jewish population, AIPAC inspires and awed fear and respect across the political spectrum. Who is going to stand up to this Moloch on behalf of the Palestinians, when they can offer nothing and AIPAC can destroy a professional career at the drop of a checkbook? In the past, one or two members of Congress did resist AIPAC openly but, many Political Action Committees controlled by AIPAC made sure they were never re-elected … Is such is the material of the legislature, what can be expected of the executive?”

– Edward Said

lobby represents less than 1/3 of America's 6 million + Jews & Christian Zionists
- Support for Israel only thing Republicans & Democrats agree on without haste
Pro Israel measures =
- 400/435 votes of Member House & 99/100 votes in Senate House

Foreign Aid =
Pro-Israel -----> Direct Aid since 1980's $3-$3.5 billion
7.908 million
United States:
313.9 million
Promoting Israel's interests in US whilst
marginalising, intimidating and silencing critics

- US gives far too great a proportion of its itself asking for insufficient Israeli responsibility
US Military Aid Budget- Equivalent to $500 for every Israeli Citizen
Diplomatic Protection - UN Security Countil
= representatives meet every month to strategise Pro-Israel policies
3 Largest & Most Influential Lobbies
- American Israel public Affairs Committee
- Anti-Defamation League
- American Jewish Committee
Non-PC groups;
- 117 Jewish Community Relations Councils
- 155 Jewish Fedarations
- Multiple 'powerful' Washington Think Tanks
President - Michael Kassen

Grass roots network
= connected to
organisations in every City & State
- Direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians started July 29, 2013 following an attempt by United States Secretary of State John Kerry to restart the peace process.
- Negotiations scheduled for 9 months = Final status to Palestinian-Israeli conflict by mid-2014.
- Started in Washington, DC --> King David Hotel (Jerusalem) --> Hebron
- Pro-Israeli's diasgree with US sanction of Iranian Nuclear Weapons ...
"Israel will be wiped off face of the Earth"
- IAEA Deal - Stop production & convert remaining Uranium
- US President Barack Obama told Israeli television in March 2013 that his administration believed it would take "over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon" if it decided to do so.

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