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Public Speaking

Jihee Chang

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Podcast

entertainment Podcast Esther, Jessie, Julia, April, Judy, and Jihee + Broadcast = Podcast How it used? It’s the compound word which is form from the words “ipod” and “Broadcast”. It’s the service which allows people to play/download various broadcasting contents through the internet. What are the Benefits? 1. Personal Information 2. Convenient and Easy to consume 3. No Costs 4. Time Efficient 5. Portable Steps How will this platform be used in order to build on creating a paradigm shift at KIS? Get microphone & Software Who will be your audience? Answer: Everybody in KIS who can access to iTunes & Macbook Answer: Interviewing the experienced service leader. Record your Podcast Focus areas (ie: interviews, testimonials, etc.) Upload on your Online host How you will create/ edit/ save/ upload? What will you expect from your audience? Answer: Give a little impact about service/ help and change the negative perspective of listener. 1. Create in ‘Garageband’
2. Upload in Blog or itunes or KIS hompage
3. Make a morning announcement to enter the podcast. Get your URL link & test it academic news Examples Good Bad
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