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Chinese Parachute

A social studies projet

Brandon Bellemare

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Parachute

Of the Chinese Parachute Travel Through the Maze My invention is the Chinese Parachute. The Emperor, Shun, used the parachute before, and he use a sort of parachute like object to survive a fall in 90 B.C. Who created it? What Dynasty? In 90 B.C., the book Si Ji written by Si Ma Qian, who lived during the Western Han dynasty, there was a legend that said the emperor,Shun, nearly 2000 years before the Han Dynasty used a parachute. Why was it made? It was made to entertain an emperor in China with the use of acrobats, or it was used to escape from another emperor that wants to hurt/kill another emperor. What kinds of materials? Shun used two large bamboo hats when he was on the roof. By using bamboo hats to increase air speed to the falling speed and land safely. Also, they are made from the material that Chinese Umbrellas later invented. What was the purpose? By using a parachute to land safely on the ground is one purpose. There were acrobats performing stunts of using parachutes like objects during their acrobatics.Then, the invention of a parachute was to performance to for an emperor. When else was this use? The parachute was not used in other historical times as far as I know, but it is used today for the military and for the use of skydiving. Is it used today and if so how and where? The parachute is still used today by many people. Now the parachute is used for skydiving, an extreme sport that involves jumping out of a plane high up in the sky. This can be done anywhere. Chinese Parachute http://www.historylines.net/history/15th_cent/parachutes.html
http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&tab=iw How did it affect society? The parachute had an important affect on society because that was how the emperor and other people got entertainment by the acrobatics with high risk stunts using parachutes. Also many people use the parachute today. THE END Now here's a short video of
the furthest skydive and free fall
EVER!!! 1/3/12 China
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