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Lynn Chen

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ben and Jerry's Strategic Alliance
for Profit and Social Good Presentation Outline Any Question? - History
- Product & Social Responsibility
- Marketing strategy
- Discussion Questions
- Question Mission History & Background Channel structure Product &
Social Responsibility Question 1 Do you think Ben & Jerry’s strategic alliance with wholesales, franchisees and international licensees are viable in the long run, given that Ben & Jerry expects more from its partner than simply earning points? Question 2 Answer 1 Given the multichannel arrangements used to distributed Ben & Jerry’s products, do you see a potential for channel conflict developing despite Ben & Jerry’s noble intentions? Marketing strategy - Circus mobile
- Free Cone Day
Ads for 2013 Question 3 Do you think Ben&Jerry’s existing channel structure is an ideal one, given the kinds of social objectives the company is pursuing? Explain. - Cut out the middle man >> Less gas and suppliers >> Help them promote the company going green

-Ship directly to the wholesalers >> Less cost and less traveling >> Save money and time

-Use a selective distribution intensity >> Make the distribution much faster and cheaper >> Connects with the consumers

-Minimum storage and assortment >> have to freshest ice cream Channel structure Advantages: Vivian GU
Lynn CHEN Disadvantages
for multichannel - Use a multichannel strategy for a niche product

- More stakeholders = more pressure on the profit

- Requires specialist equipment to every channel distribution, the cost is high. 

-Online and mail order may not be appropriate idea for selling ice cream.

-Most of their suppliers are scattered around the world Potential Conflicts: External issues:
1.Perceptual Difference - Different cultural views

2. Goal Incompatibility - A major competitor, Dreyer’s, is producing 40% of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Internal issues:
3. Resource scarcities - more stakeholders = more pressure on the profit Conscious Concoctions ice cream Strategic alliance --- a continuing and mutually supportive relationship

Connection among organizations --- "double bottom” line

Connection is enduring and substantial --typical business model and referent power Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream (unemployed and unskilled people)

Rainforest crunch ice cream and peace pop (reinvest in rainforest)

Wild Maine blueberry ice cream (support native American life)

Fresh Georgia peach light (support endangered family farmers) Conclusion - The use of strategic alliances in the channel provides win-win solutions for all, greater control and accountability and seamless distribution.

- In a bid to avoid channel conflicts, different cultural views and environment variables should be concerned when operating international markets.

- Within the Multi-Channel strategy, the company and its channel members should creatively find ways to serve the consumers without conflicts. Reference: Rosenbloom, Bert (2012) Marketing Channels: A Management View. 8th edition. Cengage Learning.

Research Report on Ben & Jerry (Expansion into Russia). Retrieved April 29, 2013 from http://www.beknowledge.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/8f14eResearch%20Report%20on%20Ben%20&%20Jerry%20(Expansion%20into%20Russia).pdf


Video 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4bnzSxIXH8

Video 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7btCS47pO28
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