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The g-clan

Talk to your friends and family through a picture on the wall!

Corey Post

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of The g-clan

The g-clan
Introducing, The g-clan
And one more thing...
This project is for families and friends. It is for people that care and want more out of their communication experience. Yes there are other forms of video communication, but The g-clan with its simplicity and abillity to be used on a variety of different devices due to its smart phone application will begin a new era in the way people communicate.
The g-clan application will be supported by both
Apple and Droid app markets. We look forward to
sharing our mission with the whole world. Linking
us just a little closer.
Just plug it in and attach to your home wireless
internet. Social media syncs will be done on the
phone with a live profesional that speaks your
language fluently.
The g-clan becomes the next generation of home phone
communication. Be apart of long distance friends and
families live's again.
The g-clan application users
Enjoy easy setup
Join in on the Toast
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
March 2012
January 2013
July 2012
College Dean
Math Professor
English Professor
Art Professor
Russian Student
Chinese Student
Californian Student
Australian Student
Canadian Student
French Student
Mexican Student
New Yorker Student
Japanese Student
Understanding The g-clan
The g-clan
The g-clan is a home communication device powered by Google voice/video to replace the home telephone. With "The g-clan" a user will be able to connect to loved ones with a personailzed social network device, designed for ease of use.
However its uses are not
limmited to just the home.
"The g-clan" has much more
potential. In this
presintation we will
show you how.
"The Clan" may seem like a digital picture frame when not in use. but, when activated "The g-clan" shows the user a list of contacts uploaded via social networks such as myspace or facebook. Contacts that have "The g-clan" application on approved devices or a personal Clan will be able to stream video and audio between eachother.
Educational Benefits
Teachers will be given a chance to connect to students in an online learning experience much like a traditional classroom.
Colleges will be able to increase
their reach, allowing to shape
the minds of today's youth on
a larger scale.
The g-clan applies the
same capabilities to
the board meeting.
Welcome to the clan!
kickstarter and your
help, We hope to launch our efforts towards programming the droid application. We feel that this will be the best place to start.
We hope to have our product on the shelves of major retailing stores.
We hope to start the new year off with over 500,000 Clan's in circulation and replaced the home telephone and rivaled the cell phone as today's home communication device.
The Clan Timeline
The g-clan
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