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V For Vendetta Speech Analysis

No description

Kelly Hull

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of V For Vendetta Speech Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis V For Vendetta The Speech Precis: The character V, in his speech to the citizens of London, suggests that words are the most powerful weapon one can possess, and the truth can be deep under the surface to reveal even greater power. He supports his claim by referencing historical events, relating himself to his audience, and even blames the people for the problems he is addressing, creating a sense of responsibility. V's purpose is to frighten, motivate, and inform the citizens so that they too will see that their world is corrupt, and cannot be tolerated any longer. He adopts a calm, yet firm tone to emphasize the gravity of what he is saying, while also trying to not act like the very people he is trying to destroy. V begins his speech by relating himself to the people.
By making the audience know they are alike, V compels them to act.
He is trying to spark the audience into realizing that what he does, is something they can do, and not be afraid of.
V ends this section with “And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?” This leaves the audience curious and waiting for more.
Liberty has been taken.
V is informing the people of the fact that their freedom has been taken from them.
This is an attempt to anger the people, to get them to act against those who have wronged them and their fellow man.
He asserts that it is in fact the fault of the people themselves that this has been brought upon them, beause they voted for it, or didn't vote at all, they did nothing to stop it. Introduction. The story is set in a not-so-distant future in London, England.
The nation has been blinded by its own government's control and forced into a communist, nearly fascist society.
The character of V, is a liberator, who has been labeled as a terrorist for his actions in the beginning of the film.
He is the only one who has stood against those in power.
V has hacked into a system that allows him to talk to the entire country at once over television.
BUT... In V's closing paragraph, he lets the people know that there is hope, and its not too late.
He persuades the audience to be like him, and if they do, they can right the wrongs, and fix their broken world.
This speech is his wake up call to the people.
Change is going to happen, and this is how it starts. Conclusion. V is the only man who truly understands what has become of his world. He uses this speech to spread his idea's, in order to take his, and his fellow citizens, home back from those who mistreat them. He believes the only thing they need is a spark, which is exactly what he achieves through this speech, as apparent later in the film. http://www.thedailytouch.com/media/2012/11/v-for-vendetta-crowd.jpg
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