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Welcome To My School

Ten Things About Earl Haig Secondary School.

Nathan Bielawski

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome To My School

Earl Haig students put on tons of plays during the
course of the year, including assemblies and school shows such as 'Guys and Dolls'
The teachers at Earl Haig are very nice and respectful. Especially Mr.Boghossian.
Earl Haig has a ton of sport teams including: soccer
Basketball. =D
And my favourite.....
Baseball. :)
There is always some kind of music playing to cheer you up and make you ready for the day ahead.
Once you enter the doors, you are welcomed by the cheerfulness and national
anthem at Earl Haig.
Phew, all this hard work. Time to have a nice cup of tea.........

Just Kidding. At Earl Haig students get lunches as long as 75 minutes!!! GEESUS
Earl Haig had an amazing Carnival day, check it out!!
At Earl Haig your possibilities are endless.
But, the best part about Earl Haig is being with your friends and laughing your butts off.
Made By The Amazing: Nathan B
At this point in time, i expect Ryon to be talking. Sooo. Be quiet Yousseff AND Ryon
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