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Soplets is a new way of embedding the model of an application inside the code by just using (Java/.Net) enumerations and annotations. The result: Really transparent, maintainable and manageable code!

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Thank you for
your attention. USE OF PREPOSITIONS What is a preposition? TYPES OF
PREPOSITIONS + Prepositions of time
+ Prepositions of place
+ Prepositions of direction PREPOSITIONS OF TIME at, in, on + Prepositions "at": It uses the preposition "at" to mean hours and moments of the day and some expressions of time: Example: * at 10 o'clock
* at midnight
* at present * at Christmas
* at the moment
* at the weekend PREPOSITIONS OF TIME + Preposition "on": The preposition "on" is used with days of the week and dates: * On Monday
* On my birthday
* On the 10th of April Example: + Preposition "in": The preposition "in" is used with months and seasons. Example: * In summer
* In winter
* In autumn * In spring
* In January
* In the previous month OTHER PREPOSITIONS OF TIME PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE Examples: *behind * above * under * between * near PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE Examples: * before
* after
* for
* during * since
* from
* till OTHER PREPOSITIONS OF TIME + Preposition "before": The preposition "before" is used to indicate that the action has been developed before the right time Example: * Before I came here, I lived in Seville.
* Finish your report before Sunday + Preposition "after": The preposition "after" indicates that the action takes place after the appointed time. Example: * After I went to Madrid, I started my studies.
* You can see him after 6 o'clock OTHER PREPOSITIONS
OF TIME + Preposition "for": The preposition "for" is used to indicate the duration of action. Example: * I lived in Madrid for 10 years.
* She studied in the university for 5 years + Preposition "during":
the preposition "During" indicates the time period during which the action unfolds. OTHER PREPOSITIONS OF TIME + Preposition "since": The preposition "from" indicates the beginning of an action that at the time of prayer is not over. Example: * I´ve studied English since my childhood.
*We´ve worked in this company since 1992. + Preposition "from": The preposition "from" indicates the beginning and end of an action. Example: * I work from Monday to Friday.
* I lived in Paris from 1980 to 1984. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE * behind
* in front of
* between
* under
* above
* next to
* near
* among * around
* over
* below
* on the left
* on the right
* out of * in front of * next to *over * beside * out of * on the left PREPOSITION OF PLACE Examples: * on the right * down * below * among * around PREPOSITIONS OF
DIRECTION + across from
+ to the left
+ straight + straight ahead
+ to the right A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence.
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