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No description

Candy Cheung

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of HOMEWORK


Does HW help students succeed in school?
Positive Effects:
Homework Help
Builds students' self-esteem as an able learner and keeps them engaged
At-risk students: no achievement gains but protection against a decrease in grades
Extracurricular activities support overall academic achievement and school engagement
Let's talk about...
Should HW be graded and differentiated? If yes, how?
no HW!
I did it!
Negative Effects:
After-School Programs
What should be the purpose of HW assignments?
How do teachers use HW effectively? How does HW fit into the aims and purpose of their teaching?
Early 1900s: LESS HW (Progressive Education reform)
Mid 1950s: MORE HW (after launch of the Sputnik)
Mid 1960s: LESS HW (questioned the value of HW and the pressure on students)
Mid 1980s: MORE HW (concerns about America in a global marketplace)
Late 1990s: LESS HW (Parents concerned about the stresses of HW)
Grade Level Effects
Stronger correlations between HW and academic achievement for HS and MS students (HW involves learning more content and college readiness)
Limited effects on academic achievement for elementary students (limited attention span, meta-cognitive ability )
HW for elementary students build good study skills and habits for later
HW can enhance student accountability, readiness for the next year, study habits, and achievement
A way for teachers to connect with families and gain more parent involvement.
Keeps students from leisure activities - bonding with peers and participating in community and family activities
Some students see homework as a main stressor
Can cause family arguments
Parents may not understand the HW content
Over-reliance by students on parents/tutors
HW training programs for parents improved effectiveness
Parental involvement is correlated with students' positive behaviors in school
Parents teach younger students good study skills and habits
Purpose of Homework
Meaningful HW can motivate engagement
Create community among students; can prompt teacher to adjust assignments
A HW community can provide means for social communication and contact for youth who are home alone
Younger students: HW can't be used as a gauge for progress or understanding
Older students: teachers can assign tasks as part of a larger curriculum plan; provide feedback before moving on
Opportunity to assign HW relevant to students' interest
Routine and structure are needed to communicate HW expectations
(Get into groups of 2-4 by grade level)
How much HW should be assigned and should time limits be set?
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