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Stratag(e)matic: What and How?

No description

Vanya Slantcheva

on 29 October 2016

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Transcript of Stratag(e)matic: What and How?

What and How?
Stratagmatic is
an articulated insight
about whole the picture over a situation,
but considering the situation itself
Getting to know
a situation
Understanding a situation
Stratagmatic is...
Spell out the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation
Who are you?
Who are the others
Where are you ?
Where are the others?
Where will you be?
Who will you be?
a derivate from "stratagem"
"stratagmatic" - addressing stratagem (stratagemical) for pursuing strategic goals; follows the etymology of
a precision of what it is about
and what is demanded
in a view of a situation
an intentional pursuit
a manner of an action:
planned OR contingent
is characterized by an investigation
as to work an existing situation OUT
approaching the situation OUTSIDE-IN
thinking THROUGH and OVER the situation in advance
driving forces ?
uncertainties ?
players ?
developing scenarios for illuminating action plans
an account on historic data
what is in store
to keep records of what is on
to be continued
searching for "a strategic conversation"
A&Q - answering and questioning a situation
strătēgēmătĭcus , a, um, adj., I.of or relating to military stratagems, stratagemical; hence, subst.: Strătēgēmătĭca (gen. -ōn), the title of a work of S. Julius Frontinus.
A Latin Dictionary. Founded on Andrews' edition of Freund's Latin dictionary. revised, enlarged, and in great part rewritten by. Charlton T. Lewis, Ph.D. and. Charles Short, LL.D. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1879.

a precision of
the situation
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