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The Glass Castle

No description

Jessica Tram

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls
Jeannette was 3 years old living in a trailer park in southern Arizona. She was cooking hot dogs by herself in a pink tutu while her mother was working on a painting. Jeannette was caught on fire and was sent to the hospital.
After getting "special treatment" in the hospital, her father Rex decided to "skedaddle".
While the family was on the road Jeannette recalls the process of each moving. She stated about the different places that they would live, the jobs that their father had, describe her mother Rose Mary's life style, her dad's usual behavior, and talked about her father's plans on building the "Glass Castle".
Las Vegas
While they where in Vegas, Jeannette and her family stayed in a cheap motel. Their family spent much if their time at the casinos to win money. However, upon being exposed of Rex's system the family believed that it was about time to do the "skedaddle" once again. With returning to the motel and playing with some matches that she found, a couple of nights later Jeannette woke up to the motel burning.
Midlands, Mojave Desert
when Jeannette and her family first moved to the Midlands they lived in a shack. Rex got a job at the gypsum mine. Rose Mary devoted herself into her art. Jeannette learns about the Joshua tree after her mother tells her that "It's the Joshua tree's struggle that gives it its beauty." Around Christmas time since Rex believed that the other kids "...been brainwashed..." about Christmas presents and Santa Claus, he brought Jeannette, her older sister Lori, and her brother Brian to pick out stars as their presents. Jeannette picks Venus as her presents.
Whoops! My bad!
What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegs!
WOW! That is one UGLY tree...
WHat did you get for Christmas?
Blythe, California
Once again the family is on the road. Rose Mary tells the children that she is pregnant. Rose Mary and Rex get in an argument that causes Rex to chase after his wife with his car. Her parents made up the very next day. After moving to Blythe, Jeannette, Brian, and Lori were enrolled into school. Two months after arriving in Blythe Rose Mary gave birth to a baby named Lilly Ruth Maureen or simply Maureen. After Maureen was born Rex was pulled over by a squad car and led a speed chase. Rex decided that it was time to do the skedaddle again, this time to Battle Mountain, Nevada.
hey there baby! :D
Battle Mountain, Nevada
When they moved to Battle Mountain , the family moved into a two story wooden shack.
Rex got a job as a electrician in a barite mine
Jeannette, Brian, and Lori were enrolled in Mary Black Elementary and are put into an advanced class.
One day Rex took his family to go swim in "Hot Pot" a natural sulfur spring.
Although her other siblings could swim Jeannette couldn't. Rex decided to teach her by helping her then throwing her back into the water.
Life was good, they had food, a better house than usual, and school...then Rex lost his job
A couple of months after Rex lost his job he came home with a bag of grocery that was quickly eaten, until very little was left. Rose Mary and Rex fought about his ability to take care of his family.
Jeannette and Lori had to eat margarine with sugar
Jeannette's mother gets a job as a teacher, although she she hates her job.
A boy name Billy Deel makes Jeannette his girlfriend
He tries to rape Jeannette. She gives him the ring back
Upset, Billy shoots at Jeannette and her siblings with a BB gun. She scares him as she fires a shot from a real gun
Because of that incident, the family have to skedaddle once again to avoid the court.
Phoenix, Arizona
They moved to Phoenix and lived in Rose Mary's mother Grandma Smith's house.
Later on Jeannette gets touched inappropriately and Jeannette, Brian, and Rex go "Pervert Hunting". The family also attends church. Rex also takes the children to go pet a cheetah.
It was around this time that Jeannette gives us insight on her mother's life
Rex joins the local electricians union. With the new found money Rex buys the kids presents. Jeannette's parents began buying things for the house
It was around that time again when Rex loses his job...
It was also around Christmas time when Rex and the family went to church. There, he made offensive comments about Jesus and Mary. Rex also happens to ruin Christmas by setting the tree on fire in a drunken rage.
For her 10th birthday Jeannette asked Rex to stop drinking...of course that only lasted for a while.
The family traveled to Welch, back to Rex's hometown. They stay with Rex's parents Erma and Ted. The kids attend school and Jeannette is bullied. She later befriends her bully. After finding out about Erma's racist ways, she ends up in the basement. While Jeannette's parents are gone she sees Erma touching Brian inappropriately. She sends the kids to the basement. When their parents come home they decided to go and stay elsewhere. Jeannette infers that Rex was also molested like Brian which is why he rarely ever spoke of home or his parents.
They move out and lived in a house on little Hobart Street. It was an old rustic house. After moving in Jeannette and Brian dig a hole for the foundation of the "Glass Castle". However, in later became a garbage pit. Jeannette and Brian threw rocks at Ernie as he and his friends made fun of them. Later on during winter it was learned that Erma died, while the kids rejoiced Rex seemed sad. Afterward as Brian and Jeannette were scrounging around to find food they find a diamond ring. Instead of pawing it to buy food Rose Mary keeps it for her self esteem.
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