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Farnsworth Vocab

By Brett Davis

Brett Davis

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocab

Vocab Week 1 Bulwark Defensive wall Castles have huge bulwarks made of stone surrounding them. Lament To be sad. Filled with regret. The President lamented sending troops overseas. Cacophony Numerous unappealing sounds. There was a cacophony of jeers as the team emerged from the tunnel. Austere stern mannered; incredibly simple or plain. The girl's father was an austere man. He enjoyed the simple things in life. Aloof reserved, uninvolved, removed. The senator was aloof in congress. Cerebral A person possessing immense intelligence. Relating to the brain. Albert Einstein was very cerebral. incongrous out of place; not fitting in The infant's laughter was incongruous at the funeral. chattel a movable article of personal property The farmer had a chattel of cattle. connoisseur a person who is especially competent. The homeless man was a connoisseur of garbage. expunge to erase; to wipe out The student expunged the sentence from the paper. Week 2 asunder apart or widely separated The contract was torn asunder during the negotiations. incite to encourage The crowd incited the basketball team to victory. evade to elude or escape The getaway driver evaded from the police. efface to rub out or erase The artist effaced his quick sketch and discarded it into the trash. procrastinate to put off; defer; delay I have procrastinated on doing this prezi. roster a list The varsity roster was full of seniors. impede to obstruct; hinder The fallen tree impeded traffic along the highway. trenchant vigorous; clearly defined The expectations for the class were very trenchant. forbear to refrain from; withhold The cat's forbearance to enter the pool was trenchant. migratory roving; nomadic; wandering Birds have a very migratory life. Week 3 quixotic impulsive; impractical The family's decision to take a vacation to Mexico was quixotic. arduous requiring great exertion My nephews are very arduous to lift nowadays. beleaguer to harass; pester Abraham Lincoln was beleaguered by his troubles. dulcet pleasant to the ear; melodious Listening to Bella Voce perform is very dulcet. reminisce to recall past expierences I have spent many nights reminiscing on my high school career. histrionic overly dramatic in behavior and speech Drama queens are often histrionic. porcine pig-like After his fifth trip up to the buffet line, the man started to acquire a very porcine behavior. opportune appropriate, favorable, suitable The man exited the stall at a very opportune time, as the person next in line was likely to burst his bladder. milieu surroundings, atmosphere The milieu at the funeral was very somber. bludgeon a short heavy club. The Medieval guard always carried with him a bludgeon. Week 4 engage to attract or secure The workers engaged the equipment from falling out of the back of the truck. propulsive the act or means of propelling The force of the blast was very propulsive. It knocked everyone who was near off their feet. cranny a crack or crevice The police searched every nook and cranny of the house. ballistics the study of objects during flight. The siege engineers' knowledge of ballistics makes him a more effective soldier. askew to be knocked aside The man's glasses were knocked askew as he ran into a co-worker. cubism a style of painting using geometric shapes Pablo Picasso is famous for painting in cubism. ambiance the mood or atmosphere The ambiance on Christmas morning is always one of delight. lassitude weariness; lack of energy The worker experienced lassitude after having a big lunch. coterie an exclusive group; a clique Frodo, Gandalf, Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas could be seen as a coterie. girth the measure around something; circumference The average sumo wrestler has a particularly large girth around the midsection. Week 5 gossamer a spider's web; thin material Charlotte's gossamer about Wilbur stirred up quite the ruckus. giddy affected with vertigo; dizzy Most children become giddy after spinning on the merry-go-round. cower to crouch as in fear or shame The small boy cowered as his abusive father went to swing at him. queue a line At lunch time, everyone gets in a queue, waiting to be served. aptitude capability, ability, or talent The gymnast has natural aptitude on the uneven bars. irascible irritable, easily angered My brother can be irascible at times. chronic re-occurring; persistent Most construction workers will have chronic back pain when they are older. harrowing extremely disturbing or grievous Frodo and Sam's journey to Mordor was harrowing to say the least. laconic concise; using few words The announcements were very laconic yesterday. endure undergo; to hold out William Wallace endured great physical pain before he was allowed to die. Week 6 atrophy to wither away; degeneration Many Jewish prisoners atrophied in the concentration camps. harangue a scolding or a long, intense verbal attack Slam poetry can oftentimes be expressed in a harangue manner. demonic inspired as if by a demon "Devil" is a very demonic movie. accolade an award or honor War heroes are often showered with accolades caucus a political meeting Presidential candidates are elected during a party's caucus. myriad an indefinitely great number There seems to be a myriad of snowflakes fluttering through the air. proficient an expert of a certain task or skill Michael Phelps is extremely proficient at swimming. grandiloquent speaking in an expressed or lofty style Many Soap Operas are grandiloquent. dromedary the single-humped camel, A.K.A. the Arabian camel Dromedaries are often used in crossing the Saudi-Arabian Desert. noxious harmful or injurious to one's health The noxious fumes were almost too much for the firefighters to handle.
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