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The Black Death Timeline

This timeline represents the time period in which the Black Death reached full swing and attacked Medieval Europe.

Rachel Ernst

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of The Black Death Timeline

By Rachel Ernst The Black Death Timeline In the year of 1333 In the year of 1345 The Black Death travels along the Silk Road In the year of 1334 The Black Death attacks the Mongolians while they are besieging the town of Kaffa. The Mongolians decide to catapult the dead and diseased bodies into the city to make sure that no person could hide from the dreadful disease. The Black Death originates in China In the year of 1346 The Black Death arrives in Crimea In the year of 1347 In the year of 1348 In the year of 1349 In the year of 1351 In the year of 1352 In the years of 1361 - 1362 The Black Death came to Constantinople and Trebizond The 1st outbreak of the Black Death ends The Black Death had claimed 25 million people's lives in the whole of Europe in the 1st outbreak The Black Death spread through Germany and Scandinavia Autumn: The Black Death entered Alexandria The Black Death entered Genoa and Venice The Black Death entered Gaza and Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine July: The Black Death spread across France, Spain, Portugal, and England The Black Death entered Antioch and from there into Asia Minor The Black Death spread into Norway, Mecca, Mosul, and Bagdad The Black Death spread to Russia, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Yemen The Black Death recurs in England In the years of 1369 - 1372 The Black Death hits England for a 3rd time In the years of 1379 - 1383 The Black Death recurs in England for a 4th time In the years of 1389 - 1393 The Black Death recurs in England for a 5th time In the years of 1575 - 1577 The Black Death recurs in Venice In the years of 1629 - 1631 The Black Death recurs in Central Europe In the years of 1634 - 1635 The Black Death recurs in Munich In the years of 1654 - 1656 The Black Death recurs in Oslo, Naples and Moscow In the years of 1663 - 1664 The Black Death recurs in Amsterdam In the years of 1679 - 1681 The Black Death recurs in Vienna In the years of 1700 - 1711 The Black Death recurs in Sweden and Russia (1700 - 1711) The Black Death recurs in Helsinki (1710 - 1711) The Black Death recurs in Prussia (1709 - 1711) First Prussian Revolt (1710) In the years of 1738 - 1740 The Black Death recurs from Ukraine to the Adriatic Sea Bibliography for Timeline Black Death Timeline. 2013. Black Death Timeline. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.teoti.com/history/99918-black-death-timeline.html. [Accessed 26 April 2013].

Timeline of the Black Death — Dragons of Night. 2013. Timeline of the Black Death — Dragons of Night. [ONLINE] Available at: http://dragonsofnight.com/timeline-of-the-black-death/. [Accessed 26 April 2013] 2,200 people were being buried daily in all countries of Europe 3,000 Jews were killed from the Black Death riots in Germany
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