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Careers and Jobs In The 1800s

No description

Kaleb Cuda

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of Careers and Jobs In The 1800s

Career and Jobs in the 1800s
by: Josh Cloud and Kaleb Cuda Blacksmith Shoemaker Baker Farmer Teacher
Construction Servant Army Common Jobs and Careers
Quick little info

Agriculture was the major business and it was intensive. If the employment was respected, then the oldest son inherited it. So the younger sons had to be apprenticed to other forms of employment such as doctors, teachers, legal counsel, the military. 1.
5. Quiz Time Name two jobs the younger sons had to enharit? Answers 1.
5. Women's purpose in the world during the 1800s were controlled and directed by men. A woman's purpose was to find a man to marry, and then reproduce. If a woman chose to remain single, she could be ridiculed as an old maid and become an outcast.

Womens Jobs What does a woman do if they choose to stay single? Who were the women directed by? Mans job There were different jobs during the 1800's such as working on the railroads, charcoal making, farming, and much more. In the early 1800's machines were coming into production. The machines helped people get jobs done faster. Charcoal making was usually a full time job because they cleared an acre of woodland each day to put in the furnace. It provided fuel for both the furnaces that produce the iron and the forges of the blacksmiths who shaped it. What were 2 primary jobs for men? Was charcoal a part time job or a full time job? Full Time Charcoal making and railroad and farming Men Old maid or an out cast Doctors teachers or military
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