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No description

Bethany Mallino

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Zentangle

Calm doodling that makes time fly Zentangle: Zen- WHAT?? Zentangle is
calming, slow,
doodling. But I don't know how!! Actually, you do... How is Zentangle done? Here is a video showing a Zendala or round Zentangle.
Pay attention to all the simple shapes and letters you see. Wolftrap
Character Traits: Self-Control
Perseverance Self-Control and
Perseverance Why is it good to have both of these character traits when making a Zentangle? Do you know how to draw basic shapes?

Can you write all the letters of the alphabet?

Both upper AND lower-case letters? Would you care more about something you worked
5 minutes on or 9 hours?
Why or Why not? Consider: If you walked into a karate studio for the first time, would you expect to be as good as your black-belt Sensei? Zentangle Sensei My recent Zentangle journey: How many hours of work have gone into this Zentangle so far? and its not finished 9 hours frustrated
tired How do you think I feel about that? Why? Now it's YOUR turn! I am SO excited for you.
Remember: This is called a ZENtangle, not a frustration-tangle. When you're stuck or not sure what to do next: Color something in
Add stripes
Add dots
Add a pattern
Add dashes
Play "Don't touch that line!"
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